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India's largest fitness chain Cure.Fit deploys Pickcel's digital signage solution at its corporate offices & 230+ gyms

Corporate Communication Digital Signage

Corporate Communication Digital Signage

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Gym Digital Signage

Pickcel Digital Signage

Pickcel Digital Signage

The leading digital signage software company offers the fitness brand a simple yet powerful solution to streamline communication with customers & employees

With top fitness centers and health clubs like Cult.Fit embracing digital signage solutions, a new horizon will open up for SaaS companies. Digital revolution will, hence, make its mark on a new level”
— Basudev Saha, CTO & Co-Founder, Pickcel-
NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2022 / -- Pickcel, one of the leading digital signage company, has successfully deployed the software for Cure.Fit on 350+ screens across 15+ cities in India. The project included 230+ Cult.Fit workout stations, a division of Cure.Fit.

The fitness enterprise wanted to have strong internal communication at their corporate offices. Alongside, they wanted to reach out to their Cult.Fit customers with an array of information on a daily basis. Digital signage deployment was the most suited solution for it. So, they approached Pickcel, and the outcome left the company with no scope for complaints.

Pickcel's cloud-based corporate digital signage solution has enabled the Cure.Fit offices to enjoy advanced enterprise-level communication with quick updates on meeting schedules, holiday notices, welcome messages to new recruits, birthday wishes to employees, and more. The Cult.Fit centers can now connect with customers in style with fantastic visuals and engaging content for gym class timings, new offers & packages, membership programs, fitness tips, diet plans, special notices, etc.

“With top fitness centers and health clubs like Cult.Fit embracing digital signage solutions, a new horizon will open up for SaaS companies. Digital revolution will, hence, make its mark on a new level”, said Basudev Saha, CTO & Co-Founder of Pickcel.

Cure.Fit offices and Cult.Fit gyms, both had screens that ran on different digital display players like Windows, Chrome, Android, and Linux. So, initially, the enterprise brooded over the matter of compatibility. But, the impasse has been turned away quite easily by the Pickcel team, owing to the hardware-agnostic digital signage software.

The fitness & lifestyle enterprise also wanted the digital signage solution to be easy-to-use and bendable enough so that the non-tech-savvy staff of the company could effortlessly handle it. Since Pickcel software already had a user-friendly UI, fulfilling this requirement was no challenge for the team. The software got configured on 350+ screens of varied sizes at the offices and Cult.Fit centers across the country with zero compatibility issues. Assistance for training about handling the digital sign software and managing the applications & widgets was offered by the Pickcel team. For a few days following the software deployment, Pickcel experts kept connecting with the designated employees of Cure.Fit to help them get equipped.

“Cult.Fit will be a pioneer in the Indian fitness market to leverage the multifaceted benefits of digital signage solution”, Pickcel CoFounder Basudev Saha has rightly pointed out. “More and more gyms, yoga centers, and health spas will soon be using digital signage. They now realize the solution is not only for the tech giants or mega-corporations; it can be customized according to brand needs and budgets. Pickcel has always been about bringing the solution to the mass, not only to the class, and so it will always be”, he added.

Pickcel software features at a glance:

· Being a cloud-based software, it allows remote access to the digital signage content and remote management. Quick update of content and media is also possible without any complex IT setup.

· It has an advanced automation & integration system that makes cross-platform brand promotions simple and quick.

· The software offers a wide range of applications like Local News, Weather, Scroller, Bulletin Board, Digital Menu Board, Countdown Timer, AQI, World Clock, and many others that make content designing for the digital signage screens super-easy.

· Based on brand requirements and the enormity of the project, the software can be customized, including the apps, widgets, features, compositions, and controls.

· It allows simultaneous content rendering. That means a brand can concurrently run its offers, best products, current discounts, weather updates, news, and many more on the screens.

· The software comes with a content scheduling feature that allows brands to pre-set the timings for specific content displays according to special hours, customer base, and preferences.

About Pickcel
Pickcel, a leading SaaS brand specializing in digital signage solutions, has been empowering brands with premium connectivity and engagement since 2014. Today, Pickcel is partnered with over 1500 medium & large-scale businesses across 30+ countries, powering 80,000+ screens. With this widespread presence, Pickcel helps brands promote products and services, run ads, improve queue management, enhance customer engagement and build a consistent brand voice, proving itself as one of the most cosmopolitan and sought-after brands. Pickcel has offices in Bangalore (India) and New York (USA).

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