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Peter Foxhoven Explains Ways to Identify and Get to Know a Target Audience

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Peter Foxhoven explains how entrepreneurs can find the right niche audience and get to know people

DES MOINES, IOWA, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- One of the first things a new business owner will need to do after setting up a business is to identify the business' target audience. Next, the business will need to start forming relationships with potential customers in this audience, getting to know their needs, wants, likes, dislikes, and expectations. Peter Foxhoven explains how entrepreneurs can find the right niche audience and get to know people in this audience faster and more effectively than would have otherwise been possible.

Research is key to identifying a target audience, Peter Foxhoven explains. Look up primary competitors online and use tools such as SemRush and Moz to find out more about their sites. Check their top keywords and most popular content and see who would be most interested in the type of content offered. Next, create a "buyer persona" who would most likely purchase the goods and/or services. Would it be a middle-aged woman with several children, a person studying at university, or a recently retired senior citizen? Would an ideal customer live in a particular area? Would a specific ethnic group be more interested in these products than others?

Once there is a target audience in mind, find ways to attract this audience. Use social media channels to find an audience that will most likely use and offer a freebie in exchange for email addresses. As traffic is gained and followers, check the statistics to see who the new customers are and where they're from. Peter Foxhoven reports that it's not uncommon for businesses that check their statistics to find they have hidden niche audiences or even a brand-new target audience they never knew existed.

Additionally, social media is an ideal platform for identifying and getting to know a target audience. Run surveys, ask questions, and pay attention to comments, reviews, and questions people leave on the platform. If a number of people are asking the same questions and/or leaving the same comments, their feelings likely reflect those of many of the potential customers. If there is a brick-and-mortar outlet, this can also be mentioned to customers while they're on the business premises to ask if they are happy with services, able to find everything they're looking for, etc. Taking part in local events and charities is yet another good way to get to know a local audience.

Peter Foxhoven finally notes that identifying a target audience and getting to know potential customers is an ongoing process. Even businesses that have been around for some time would do well to regularly analyze their data to make sure they're reaching the right people in the most efficient, effective manner. Consumer needs change over time, and looking at the data may show that new products/services and/or a new approach are needed to reach one's current target demographic. Alternatively, data may indicate that the current target audience is not as interested in the business as it once was. Still, a new target audience is showing a great deal of potential. It may take work to continually evaluate a business's connection with its target audience, but the results and growth potential are well worth the effort.

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