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Donald R. Lyman's newly released "Triple Life Threat" is a fundamental reference to living a longer and healthier life.

Triple Life Threat by Donald Lyman

Donald R. Lyman's newly released "Triple Life Threat" is a fundamental reference to living a longer and healthier life.

PALATINE, IL, UNITED STATES, June 20, 2022 / -- "Triple Lie Threat," a notable digest filled with helpful scientific facts to help those afflicted with these dreaded debilitating diseases, contains a plethora of advice about living a life that's healthy and long-lasting by preventing as many as 30 nutritional deficiencies, affecting mostly seniors after age sixty

"Triple Life Threat" is the creation of published author Donald R. Lyman who is now working on a new and timely book addressing the complex human body's immune system and its relationship to the ever-present coronavirus invasion.
His interests include reading, writing, watching TV sports, golf, camping, and walking his dog. He and his wife's favorite TV program is "The Waltons."

Lyman writes, "This book describes the causes and treatments of these common diseases, and as we age (some faster than others), our bodies gradually reduce or synthesize less the production of many of these 30 essential nutrients that cannot receive sufficient intake from inadequate diets. The reasonable answer or solution is to supplement these various diets to balance out our daily nutritional requirements. In this book, you'll find these revised recommendations to help you live a longer and healthier life."

Published by Book Vine Press, Lyman's new book encourages readers to start living a healthier life by reducing or eliminating these seemingly unknown nutritional deficiencies. As a result, these affect all of the negative health problems (comorbidities) that many people face continuously with associated viral and bacterial infections. This of course is exceedingly complicated by our dismal situation of obesity affecting as many as fifty percent of our population, including both children and adults.

Throughout this book, the author infers that readers will realize that a healthier and longer life is possible if they achieve optimal nutritional levels in their bodies. This involves the knowledge and understanding of what basic nutrients are necessary daily, along with correct dosages or recommendations to balance these deficiencies, while simultaneously preventing eventual malnutrition and disease.

"A life filled with happiness and good health is available for those who realize the importance of nutritional science and nutrient deficiencies in all of our bodies, while at the same time relate inevitably to the prevention of many of the disease problems we face today."

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