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The Celestina Code, a Life-Changing Adventure Book available now

Inspiring readers to believe dreams are attainable, empowering them with high-performing traits, rise from adversity, overcome obstacles and reach their goals.

The book is the unexpected outcome of my Psychology Master's degree, where I researched what makes extremely successful business leaders different from the average population”
— Nora Tollenaar-Szanto
LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 20, 2022 / -- Nora Tollenaar-Szanto’s book, The Celestina Code is now available to purchase.

The Celestina Code is an adventure fiction book for children aged 10-14 with a twist and is a must read this summer.

It aims to inspire readers to believe that their dreams are attainable by empowering them with essential high-performing traits to rise from adversity, overcome obstacles, step into their truth and reach their goals with integrity.

According to the WHO, one in seven teenagers suffer from mental health issues that prevent them from becoming happy and fulfilled adults. Since the outbreak of the pandemic the problem has further increased. If the world has ever needed a book that has a life-changing positive impact on young teens while they are reading a gripping story, it is now.

The Celestina Code has been designed to help young readers to:
 Increase self-confidence
 Develop a growth mindset
 Enhance emotional intelligence
 Develop positive character traits
 Learn how to deal with anxiety and limiting beliefs

The social-emotional learning story narrates the adventures of protagonist Abby Parker, who is on a mission to save her school. When Abby hears about the quest, run by a peculiar billionaire, she immediately understands that this could be their last chance. But the headmistress of the most stuck-up rival school in town is also forming a team and it’s not long before they are head-to-head, teleporting around a parallel universe hunting for clues and decrypting codes. But the quest isn’t the only puzzle. Could the girl on the opposite team, who looks exactly like her, in fact, be her identical twin? And is the man trying to sabotage her be her father? Throw in an evil scientist and two whole worlds in danger of imploding, the stakes are higher than ever.

In the story, the two competing teams receive important life lessons from real-life heroes who defied the odds and achieved something extraordinary in their lives. These individuals include:

- Marcel Hug: 6-time Paralympic Champion from Switzerland
- Karishma Sharma: Indian Actress
- Miguel McKelvey: American businessman, co-founder of WeWork
- YolanDa Brown: British saxophone player
- Feliks Zemdegs: 2-time Rubik’s Cube World Champion from Australia
- Ezedin Kamil, Ethiopian inventor
- Nadine Kessler, Ballon D’Or winner football player from Germany

The author, Nora Tollenaar-Szanto, is cooperating with industry leaders to create workbooks related to The Celestina Code with the objective to spark conversation between parents/teachers and children focusing on the topics of Diversity & Inclusion, Emotional Intelligence, Growth Mindset and Leadership.

“The book is the unexpected outcome of my Psychology Master's degree, where I researched what makes extremely successful business leaders different from the average population. My children were fascinated by the topic and it inspired me to write a book based on my key findings.” – she said about the project.

Tollenaar-Szanto is a highly-regarded certified Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) and PSYCH-K practitioner with a master’s degree in psychology. She enjoyed a career as a high-performance strategist for business leaders and professional athletes, helping clients overcome subconscious blocks and limiting beliefs to reach their full potential. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, she has turned her focus to supporting families.

Tollenaar-Szanto is often invited by schools to do author visits where she does growth mindset and resilience building workshops for middle grade students. In the meanwhile, she uses scientific methods to continue researching the critical factors of success and fulfillment.

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