New Farm Innovations Technology To Promote Additional Profit In Farm Business

ISRAEL, June 16, 2022 / -- A New Revolutionary Farm Innovation - Aquator is Set to Change the Technologi-cal Appearance of Modern Production, Solve Numerous Environmental Problems, Increase Yields in Agricultural Production, and Provide the World with High-Quality Products

New farm innovations technology - Aquator announces its inventive contribution to modern farming which has been tested in six different countries and has yielded great results. Aquator is a highly efficient and modern innovative technol-ogy created by East-European scientists for programming water for the properties of bi-ologically active substances.

The use of innovative and environmentally friendly agricultural technology - Aquator is extremely beneficial in the crop production sector and animal husbandry, as it affects the productivity of agricultural production by a 50% increase or more in crop production and 20% increase in animal husbandry.

One of the main features of Aquator in a farm business is to eradicate the use of syn-thetic chemicals like fertilizers, growth regulators, and plant protection products which is also common in animal husbandry. Aquator rejects the use of these chemicals as they have been proven to hinder the production of environmentally-friendly products and are notably expensive and time-consuming to use which in turn causes a signifi-cant reduction in the profit of the manufacturer. The farm innovation technology en-courages high productivity of agricultural production without compromising ecological purity.

Aquator technology has demonstrated its capability to increase the income of the en-terprise by increasing the yields of products, improving the quality of manufactured products, and increasing the shelf life of products. In addition, high-tech innovation is touted to reduce labor costs in plant cultivation and reduce the manmade burden on the environment.

Research carried out by Aquator technology at the Department of Viticulture of the Ku-ban State Agrarian University centered on the cultivation of Bianca grapes and yielded extraordinary results. The data obtained showed that the grape bushes treated with the biologically active substance and activated water with properties of growth stimulants had a significant impact on the increase of grape yields by over 90%, compared to the control one - crops watered with plain water and no growth stimulants. It was also observed that there was a possibility of increasing the sugar content of high-yielding table grape varieties like Tasson and Bulgaria by 4g/100ml.

Furthermore, after the testing of the Aquator farm innovation in the cultivation of green pepper at the industrial farm Feeders in the town of Brits of the Republic of South Afri-ca, there was a notable increase in yield by 33% over the control one. The increase in yield was significant as it affected the increase in the number of fruits and increase in their weight.

The innovative farm technology has been heralded to be an asset to modern farming and any farm business intending to increase agricultural production and maximize profits. Its benefits are innumerable and have been proven to yield great results and produce environmentally-friendly products to ensure a healthy lifestyle.

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