ACFI Seeks Support for Critical Outreach Ministries in West Africa

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ACFI's Church Headquarters in Monrovia, Liberia

LANCASTER, SOUTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, June 16, 2022 / -- The African Christian Fellowship International (ACFI) - an independent organization comprising more than 300 indigenous churches in West Africa - is seeking urgent financial support for five of the special programs they are operating.

The fellowship now conducts sixteen outreach ministries and special programs including church planting, medical outreach, and leadership training.


• A rescue ministry focuses on the needs of disadvantaged children victimized by social crises. Many orphanages and boarding schools supported by the fellowship are on the verge of closure, in need of funds for food and staff support.

• The ACFI facilities located in the Liberian capital of Monrovia, infrastructures at the center of the ministry delivery system, are threatened by violent sea erosion. Funds are needed to build seawall defenses to protect the facilities from destruction.

• The agriculture program for the feeding of children and the needy has now secured land for the project. However, farming equipment is needed to make the program self-sustaining.

• The ACFI Gospel Outreach Endeavor, including church planting and evangelism, has launched a new outreach frontier in Liberia and West Africa but faces challenge and hostility from an Islamic culture and other dominant traditional religions. More resources are needed to recruit and equip workers to deliver this critical mission.

• The success of the rural ministry depends on hundreds of gospel volunteer workers including missionary-evangelists, medical practitioners, and educators. Currently, a lack of adequate support (supplies, transportation and upkeep) is posing a threat to the mission of reaching isolated villages and towns.

Supporters can contribute by donating any amount and choose how their contribution is spent by visiting the ACFI website.

ACFI also offers opportunities to volunteer for a short or long term mission trip to Liberia, or to sponsor a child.

About ACFI

Founded in 1986, African Christian Fellowship International (ACFI) is an independent organization comprising more than 300 indigenous churches in several countries in the sub-region of West Africa. The founder and overseer, Rev. Dr. T. Edward Kofi, was led to Christ through a missionary enterprise in Liberia and subsequently ​​surrendered to God’s call to full-time gospel ministry. He organized a team of Liberian Evangelists and the movement grew to become ACFI.

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