The 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair Presents Splendid Shore

The 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair Presents A Captivating Historical Romance

Curvaceous Cynthia laid sun tanning on The Lodge dock. She raised herself up to one elbow at a 90-degree angle to admire her reflection in the beautifully varnished mahogany boat.”
— Excerpt from Splendid Shore

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO, June 14, 2022 / -- Author Linda Thorndike will be one of the featured authors in the upcoming Guadalajara International Book Fair 2021 with her published book title, Splendid Shore. A fascinating and passionate novel about a wise woman named Cynthia Parkton, who leads mysterious and enthralling love relationships and encounters throughout her life. In a solemn community filled with abundant scenery lived Cynthia, using her beauty and cleverness to seek prosperity in life. She had three marriages and several affairs; however, the death of the child from a marriage endows Cynthia with a considerable financial settlement to squander. Thus, she continues her life on another journey. A twentieth-century full of passion, marriage, and deceit in the most dramatic romance brings readers into the world of gossip.

“Splendid Shore introduced me to fascinating, gray characters, which is brilliant because the book is primarily character-driven. Linda Thorndike, the author, sufficiently demonstrates that even characters who swim against societal tides can be delightful. It was enthralling how the author excellently developed each character distinctly, making them both fascinating and relatable.”
—Review from

“Having said that, anyone who remembers Old Hartford, Connecticut, circa-1970s/the 1980s, will appreciate at least one of the characters.”
— Paul M. Colin, Amazon Customer Review

Linda Thorndike is an accomplished artist and award-winning photographer who, along with her husband, is a seasonal resident of a historic lake community in central Wisconsin.

Splendid Shore
Written by: Linda Thorndike
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