The Truckers Assistant LLC, Launches Financial Performance Software for Trucking Companies

MEMPHIS, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, June 14, 2022 / -- The Truckers Assistant LLC is pleased to announce the launch of its My Truck Assistant software. The cutting-edge platform is a financial performance software specifically designed to aid owner-operators, and small trucking fleets streamline their financial and business operations.

With this, the web-based software for trucking companies will operate more efficiently and ultimately optimize their results. The software provides a comprehensive overview of a trucking company’s financial situation and detailed insights into areas that need improvement.

The My Truck Assistant software comprises an easy to maneuver dashboard that houses the company’s overall financial performance with real-time numbers and charts broken down by quarterly and monthly summaries. The software also includes a weekly summary, cost of operation, business forecast, negotiation tool, and load planning capabilities. With access to these insights, the team behind My Truck Assistant encourages small fleet owners everywhere to use the dataset provided to enhance stronger business decisions.

The software was founded by serial entrepreneur Angel Lovelace and expertly designed by Lead Software Engineer Mohammad.

This innovative new software is the culmination of years of experience in the trucking industry. It will provide significant benefits to trucking companies across the country, especially smaller fleets looking to create a sustainable company in an industry with a 60% failure rate.

Founder and CEO of The Truckers Assistant LLC, Lovelace, stated that the goal of the software is to help trucking companies succeed in an increasingly competitive industry by enabling them to make informed decisions and increase the sustainability of their business. She also noted that the software is easy to use and will, help trucking companies reduce costs and improve profits. “We are excited about this new product. This is a major step forward for the trucking industry, and we’re excited to provide this valuable resource to our customers,” Founder Lovelace expresses.
About The Truckers Assistant
The Trucker’s Assistant LLC is a sophisticated trucking & logistics consulting company founded by serial entrepreneur Angel Lovelace who’s served the trucking industry for over 15 years.

The My Truck Assistant is available now for all trucking companies who want to improve their financial performance. Take advantage of their 30-Day Free Trial by visiting

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