The 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair presents Of Hope: A Memoir

The 2021 Guadalajara International Book Fair Presents An Inspiring Memoir Written By An Achieved Medical Doctor

The book suggests bringing hope to those now deprived using some of the methods of absorption we used in Israel.”
— Dr. Spiro

GUADALAJARA, MEXICO, June 14, 2022 / -- Of Hope: A Memoir by Herzl R Spiro MD Ph.D. is a wonderful testament to the amazing ability of man to withstand extreme hardship. Published by Balboa Press, the book chronicles the author’s early years till today’s pandemic-stricken world. Herzl R. Spiro, MD, Ph.D., is recognized by Continental Who's Who as a Top Doctor for his exemplary contributions in the medical field and his commitment to serving patients at Outreach Community Health Centers.

“Of Hope: A Memoir” is the account of an old man pondering on the Socratic paradox as he looks back and beyond his lifetime. In his formative years, Dr. Spiro witnessed first-hand the atrocities of the Holocaust as Nazi Germany wreaks havoc all over Europe acting on their radical anti-semitism and imperialist enterprise. Watching his father - a renowned Rabbi — usher in the escape

of Jews gave Dr. Spiro his first glimmer of hope as a driving force for resilience. He later then moved to Vermont where he received his education and there, observed the remarkable human rights movement set in motion by Martin Luther King Jr. In 1982. Dr. Spiro began work on the absorption of Ethiopian Jews to Israel — a move in an effort to avoid the mistakes of America on racial disparities. This ultimately led to 1.25 million immigrants being integrated into Israel. The closing chapters of the book deal with the current reality of the Covid 19 pandemic on its impact on mental health. To quote Dr. Spiro, “The book suggests bringing hope to those now deprived using some of the methods of absorption we used in Israel.”

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Of Hope: A Memoir
Written by Herzl R Spiro, MD PhD
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