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Laos formula manufacturing pharmaceutical company BioSpring released a ten-year development strategy


Healing Beyond Borders



Serving global customers

We are the first pharmaceutical company in Laos to announce its entry into the international market and serve global customers.”
— Samuel, founder and CEO of BioSpring
VIENTIANE, LAOS, June 14, 2022 / -- BioSpring ("BioSpring Group.LTD" "BioSpring Group") announced that it will position the company around epidemics affecting public health, major diseases (cancer), rare diseases, And third-party formulating integrated pharmaceutical companies that provide complete solutions for long-term care and companion animals.

The release of the development strategy is the first time that BioSpring, a start-up pharmaceutical company in Laos, has entered the public eye. BioSpring will diversify based on disease classification, drug portfolio, geographic location and drug manufacturing process; the goal is to create efficient research, manufacturing, supply chain and commercial platforms on a global scale; continuously improve quality standards; and develop its global workforce team.

Samuel, founder and CEO of BioSpring, said: "We will provide formulation manufacturing services from API to finished drugs, as well as submissions in target markets. Registration filing for finished medicines.We look forward to helping more people access effective, safe and affordable generic medicines, as well as innovative business models to improve access to rare disease medicines.”

*BioSpring is the first third-party formula manufacturing pharmaceutical company in Laos to expand the global market
*Long-term development goals include serving Southeast Asia, South Asia, Arabia, Eastern Europe, Central Asia, West Asia, Africa, Latin America and other markets
*Planned product lines include epidemiological drugs, oncology drugs, rare disease drugs, and long-term care and companion animal drugs

Healing Beyond Borders
"Healing Beyond Borders" is the core expression of BioSpring's development strategy for the next ten years, and it is also the starting point of its brand building. Different from other generic drug companies, Beiquan Bio will try to invest in the field of epidemiological and rare disease orphan drugs that endanger public health, and explore reasonable business models to improve the accessibility of drugs. At the same time, it plans to actively cooperate with academia in the field of translational medicine, laying the foundation for reshaping the innovative value of enterprises.

Current Business
BioSpring is developing a generic version of antiviral drugs (Anit-HIV/AIDS) to meet the unmet medical needs in Southeast Asia. At the same time, it is looking for the acquisition of manufacturing capacity in the field of anticancer drugs, especially assets related to targeted therapy, in order to build the manufacturing capacity from API to finished drugs, and quickly enter this growing market.

About BioSpring
Founded in 2022 at the Vientiane Saiseta Comprehensive Development Zone in Laos, BioSpring is the country's fastest growing generic drug manufacturing company and the country's first pharmaceutical company targeting the international market, serving Asia, Africa, Europe and Latin America Americas and many other countries and to know more information.

Forward-Looking Statements
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