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Crypto & NFT Promoter Pumpcoinbets’ Media Channels Are a Hit Among Crypto Enthusiasts

Kiattichai Rakkong’s crypto and NFT channels on Twitter and Telegram rank top among crypto enthusiasts for their unique content.

Dubai, June 12, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Multiple cryptos and NFT-oriented channels offer information regarding upcoming projects and more. However, very few channels are unbiased and provide legit information regarding activities in the crypto world, and one of those channels is Pumpcoinbets. Pumpcoinbets is a unique DeFi payment network aimed to rebuild the conventional payment stack with blockchain technology. The platform is famous for its Telegram and Twitter channels offering insights about crypto projects and important updates from the crypto world. With nearly 350K and 590K followers on Twitter and Telegram, respectively, Pumpcoinbets is a hit among members for its excellent and beneficial content. 

“Promoting the right crypto and NFT project and aiding our followers to make a profit through our social media channels is our aim,” says Kiattichai Rakkong, the Pumpcoinbets CEO. Kiattichai Rakkong has made a group of crypto enthusiasts who aid in running a potential crypto investor’s group supporting interesting upcoming projects.

The group operates social media channels under the name “Pumpcoinbets.” They feature crypto news and facts, reviews, and insights about different cryptocurrencies and projects and NFT projects. 

The platform also offers important updates for some potential projects and airdrops. Pumpcoinbets followers also get information about giveaways, safelists, and rewards on popular projects. With their interesting content and extensive follower reach, the group also works with the crypto security firm Spywolf and supports legit projects.

The group also operates Ask Me Anything campaigns with their interesting content. In these campaigns, the group interviews different projects under the supervision of Kiattichai and Peter. With this unique campaign, the founder aims to offer versatile opportunities.

Pumpcoinbets enjoys a global audience, and their AMAs are visible to everyone on their Telegram and Twitter channels. A few notable insights followers often look forward to involving updates and analysis on taxes or gas fees. These insights aid individuals get a fair idea of market movement.

In addition, with its extensive list of followers, the platform also aids different projects to feature its offerings and gain popularity. Most of the projects promoted by the platform get attention due to their high reach.

Pumpcointbets, a unique platform for crypto and NFT information managed by Kiattichai Rakkong and his group of crypto enthusiasts, is expanding daily with its engaging content offerings through Telegram and Twitter.

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