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book cover for Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors

develop a powerful strategic mindset for value storytelling

Pricing strategy pro publishes new thinking, resources in Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors to elevate approaches for Gov Con

This book is a paradigm shift. This is one of the most advanced and comprehensive books on pricing that I have ever read.”
— Joshua P. Frank, Managing Partner, RSM Federal
WASHINGTON, DC, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2022 / -- Strategic pricing leader Marsha Lindquist has announced the publication of her book, Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors, targeting business leaders of all types and sizes in the over $650 billion annual Gov Con market. Federal proposal pricing has long been known to make or break a bid. But the approach in this new work argues for the price as the core component to a more comprehensive, integrated proposed solution – throughout all phases of business activities – that can change the way Gov Con pricing is thought of.

‘Strategic Pricing’ offers and challenges a market saturated with primer-level “how to find Federal opportunities” books. Focused on the advanced, even highly-successful contractor professional, the author re-orients Gov Cons to a more substantive path of value-based thinking – from proposal development through performance delivery. And all by determining not the lowest or the “feels good” guessed price, but by building a qualitative and quantitative narrative out of the specific, actual path the contracting firm took to achieve that exactly right contract price.

RSM Federal’s Managing Partner, Joshua P. Frank, commented:
“This book is a paradigm shift. This is one of the most advanced and comprehensive books on pricing that I have ever read.”

This kind of market impact is Lindquist’s intention. The author – who has long collaborated with Gov Con businesses and blogged extensively on this pricing topic – feels the time is right for more Federal pricing dialogue. She blends wise academics with real-world application success to argue for revealing all of the processes and tools that the price touches upon.

Explained Lindquist:
“Pricing must no longer be relegated to backroom whispering. It’s strategic -based thinking communicated openly, widely, and continuously. Gone are the days when the pricing can be successfully conducted at the end of the proposal. Now it’s before and during the process. And – in terms of supporting the price and thriving within the award dollars – long after the fact too.”

Whether it’s the influx of a new generation of people no longer content to just bolt on their piece in the assembly line or the rise in this-generation business driver mandates like authenticity and storytelling, the value narrative is a strong core from which to scale the operational whole. From proposal development through performance delivery, to the dollar.

“Winners take time in the capture stage of the development of an opportunity to discuss the purposeful and important decisions that drive your price, shape the winning price, support the winning price, and tell an important story about why it is the winning price.”

The book promises results for Gov Con leaders. Learnings offer industrious readers the gain of more intentional, future-ready thinking and processes to share among the team’s capture managers, pricing specialists, tech leads, and executive management. And that is certainly good news for all those Federal proposal reviewers.

Dr. Helene Rodriguez McConnell, President, The McConnell Group, commented:
“[Secrets of Strategic Pricing for Government Contractors offers] a very informative and detailed look into the complex world of Government contracting pricing from a highly respected and creditable source. The book reads like a reference guide that we will be keeping at our fingertips and referring to often.”

Diane Magel
Granite Leadership Strategies