Daycare Owners Are Misled About Money Owed to Them

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Programs such as the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) are still available for schools that thought they did not qualify.

ST. PETERSBURG, FL, UNITED STATES, June 10, 2022 / -- Families across the nation are hurting because of the inability to find quality childcare in their neighborhoods. This epidemic stems from a lack of choices in finding a preschool with open availability. Why the limited amount of availability?

According to Caroline Jens, founder of Child Care Biz Help, “schools are closing their doors, often never to reopen again, because of the inability to make a profit. Staffing issues, combined with increased costs, have made it impossible for many daycare owners to survive.”

What is appalling, however, is at a time when child care center owners could use every penny owed to them, many of their advisors are steering them in the wrong direction - specifically the Employee Retention Credit, or ERC as it’s known. Accountants and CPAs are continuing to give bad advice to schools saying they don’t qualify for what could be two years’ worth of tax refunds totaling approximately $26,000 per employee.

For over six years, Child Care Biz Help has worked primarily with existing child care center owners on becoming more profitable. Recently, they have had a wave of interested entrepreneurs, some of which are moms, dads, and teachers, all wanting to start up their own daycare. Today, the team at Child Care Biz Help is actively working to get these hard-working daycare owners and start-up entrepreneurs the money they deserve.

“We recently released a blog on How to Get Funding for a Daycare Business, and are currently setting up meetings with school owners and entrepreneurs to help them get funding. We work to determine if they qualify for the ERC and then help them file all corresponding paperwork so they can get the payout they deserve. With a year-end deadline looming, things are moving quickly as we speak with thousands of providers nationwide to coordinate their applications,” Jens said.

Families are beginning to switch gears and consider daycare ownership out of necessity. Not only are these types of decisions being made in the home, but Jens said she is also “seeing businesses stepping up to the challenge of meeting their employees' child care needs.”

With so many entrepreneurs looking for childcare business consulting and start-up services, it can be hard to figure out where to turn. That's where Child Care Biz Help comes in.

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"Let’s rebuild and uplift our early childhood education providers so they can remain an active part of the infrastructure of our families and communities," Jens said.

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