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International Intuitive Spiritual Life Coach Lynette Elinda to be Featured on Close Up Radio

VANCOUVER ISLAND, BRITISH COLUMBIA, CANADA, June 10, 2022 / -- The truth is that we are multi-dimensional immortal energy beings having a three-dimensional physical experience. We call this experience life, being human. Our purpose in life is to master energy and emotions. In so doing we master the physical reality, we become the captain of our own ship. Each one of us in our own time, in our own subjective story experience, must come to know and live the eternal truth of who and what we really are. Until we do, we will experience various stages and degrees of pain and suffering in our day to day lives. Life will never be what we have been promised it can be, or what we dream of it being.
Lynette Elinda is an internationally known spiritual life coach and guide. Lynette uses what are known as heightened intuitive sensitivities: she is clairaudient, clairvoyant, clairsentient and claircognizant, as well as being an adept empath, telepath and medium and a channel. Lynette has devoted her life to honoring, honing, and heightening these sensitivities, placing them in service and support of those who are ready to awaken to their true divine nature and innate gifts.

Through the use the heightened intuitive sensitivities, Lynette guides her clients through the process of becoming self-actualized. Thus, allowing them to truly live the life of their dreams.

“I am able to read people individually, seeing each as a energetic map” says Lynette. I see very specifically what is preventing and blocking them from living to their fullest potential. I do not need them to tell me a single thing about themselves to do this.”

The world can be very overwhelming when your sensitivities are so heightened, and Lynette’s sensitivities are incredibly strong. Now 55, she says it’s taken her decades to learn how to control them and to live in a world where the gifts of heightened intuitive sensitivities are rarely understood or respected.

Lynette says her birth was predicted 45 years before she was born. Her grandmother was told she would have a grandchild born with “special abilities.” Lynette’s grandmother hoped to nurture her granddaughter’s special abilities and would discuss metaphysics with her when she was only seven years old.

“She began testing me when I was very young, reading photographs and jewelry as well as channeling information” recalls Lynette. “I could read the energy of the person who had worn the jewelry. I could predict the future and know what people were feeling. I thought all children were doing these kinds of things.”

By the age of 17 Lynette clearly knew what she was here to do. “When you're born to do this, life does not give you a choice,” says Lynette. “It's a calling.”

Most recently, Lynette is the author of the audiobook Mathamagical.

The Mathamagical journey is designed to support the process of remembering and embracing our true nature, as a powerful loving energetic being who is physically embodied.

“Societal conditioning and programming teach us to believe that "the keys to the kingdom" are intellectual or physical, not true...the keys are vibratory,” says Lynette. “Spiritual growth is not linear. It’s circular. Karma is the wheel of your lack of self-awareness. The opposite of karma is freedom, self-actualization: to be loving, open and willing to let go of judgments, opinions, and expectations. The physical reality that we're experiencing is the classroom the universe presents us with to master energy and emotion, allowing us to transcend karma.”

Lynette says the pandemic has forced mankind globally into this awakening process by creating a crisis that cannot be avoided.

“We never grow inside our comfort zone...we grow through crisis,” says Lynette. “It's an opportunity to transcend. If we have the correct tools, we will always overcome any and every challenge.”

Close Up Radio will feature Lynette Elinda in an interview with Jim Masters on June 14th at 12pm EDT

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