Art Pop Artist ZØLTAN Releases "Ai Ki Narabi" a Pro-Peace Song and Music Video

Peace is not politics, but war is. When there's war, peace becomes politics, too. In such a context, art can serve as politics of peace.”
CLUJ-NAPOCA, ROMANIA, June 10, 2022 / -- Art Pop artist ZØLTAN releases "Ai Ki Narabi", a pro-peace song with a tribal feel, backed by an artistic black and white video. Three guest artists bring their vocal contribution to a massive orchestration, based on heavy percussion.

"Ai Ki Narabi" talks about the power of unity and the need for togetherness. It is a pro-peace statement, without being political. For this release ZØLTAN worked with three guest artists: Andra Zelenak, Roxana Zăpârțan and Mishu Călian whose vocal performances led to a rich tonal landscape. "Ai Ki Narabi" is built on four voices, heavy tribal percussion, electro and symphonic orchestra elements. The music video was directed by Vlad Cătană / ColorS Media - this is the fourth collaboration between ZØLTAN and CTN Vlad.

Zoltan Sebestyen is an Eastern European storyteller/songwriter & bass player from Cluj-Napoca, Transylvania. An enigmatic artist with a sensitive lyricism, his songs are built on poetic lyrics with a strong spiritual dimension. ZØLTAN is an Art Pop project with poetic lyrics. It incorporates the sounds of contemporary urban culture, such as the 'sounds of heritage': pop/electropop elements and symphonic orchestral arrangements.

After "Black Christmas", "Hey World" and "No Deal", "Ai Ki Narabi" is the fourth single from ZØLTAN's first Ep.

Zoltan Sebestyen
Respiro Media