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New Uvio Light Uses UVC to Disinfect Shared Desks in the Office

The Uvio Light mounted to the top of the monitor kills viruses on the desktop at night using UVC light

Uvio Light disinfects the desktop at night making it virus-free for the next day's use

Department in a company all have Uvio lights attached to the top of each monitor and are activated to disinfect the surfaces at night

Uvio Lights disinfecting all desktops in an organization

Uvio light mounted to top of monitor is barely seen during the day but makes huge impact by killing desktop viruses at night.

The Uvio Light is a sleek UVC germicidal disinfecting lamp that mounts tool-lessly to the top of any computer monitor

Workplace Safety Must Include Virus Protection When Sharing Devices and Desktops to Give Peace of Mind to Employees Returning to the Office

Ensuring that every shared desk is disinfected prior to the day’s use can prevent the spread of viruses, protect the organization and give employees the peace of mind they need to effectively perform.”
— Jared Abramowitz, Principal of Zgo Technologies
ATLANTA, GEORGIA, UNITED STATES, June 17, 2022 / -- Zgo Technologies today announced the launch of Uvio, a patent-pending, sleek UVC germicidal disinfecting lamp that mounts tool-lessly to the top of any computer monitor. The UVC light shines for 2 hours at night over a 4’ x 2’ area of the desk to completely disinfect the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of shared workstations so they are virus-free and completely sanitized for the next day’s use.

For those feeling uncomfortable working at a desk in which someone had a harmful virus the day before, now they can rest assured that the desktop and the shared devices have been disinfected.

Employees need the peace of mind that their workplace is safe and virus-free as many are simply unable to focus on work responsibilities when their well-being and that of their family are at risk by being in the office. As a result, workplace safety must now include a Virus Prevention Plan.

According to the CDC and confirmed by the WHO, DHS, and documented in the New England Journal of Medicine, any infected employee can cough or exhale and release droplets of infected fluid on surfaces, which can live and infect others for up to 72 hours.* The WHO website states, “People may also become infected when touching their eyes, nose or mouth after touching surfaces or objects that have been contaminated by the virus.”**

Clinical evidence shows that high-touch surfaces play a significant role in pathogen transmission. Dr. Charles Gerba of the University of Arizona, generally regarded as the nation’s leading expert on Environmental Biology, demonstrated how quickly germs travel through an office environment when just one person comes to work sick. In his 2012 study, a single infected person using a shared keyboard spread the infection to over 50% of keyboards in an 80-person department within 4 hours.***

"Office desks are some of the dirtiest items with which you come in contact." According to Dr. Kelly Reynolds PhD, a professor and environmental microbiologist at University of Arizona, “More than 10 million bacteria are on a typical office desk – 400 times more bacteria than found on the average public toilet seat, which means that simply typing an email puts employees at risk for illnesses.”****


The ease in which viruses can spread throughout organizations can cause huge disruptions from just a single infected employee, potentially sending entire departments home.

Additionally, organizations are also left vulnerable to potentially costly lawsuits if negligence can be proven.


Many companies rely on manual cleaning however, an Ohio State University research study demonstrated that cleaning crews can miss up to half of the surface area.*****

Some companies provide disinfecting wipes for employees, but they require the surface to be kept wet and untouched for 4 – 10 minutes, depending on the brand, which is rarely done. If not, germs are just spread across the desk with minimal impact.


Zgo Technologies’ Direct UVC Disinfection prevents the spread of viruses by directly sanitizing the keyboard, mouse, and primary work area of shared workstations nightly, so they are virus-free for the next day’s use.

Zgo uses UVC lighting, a known virus killer for over 100 years, which has been used for decades in large-scale wastewater treatment, food processing, hospitals, mass transportation, sterilization of drinking water and in HVAC systems to effectively kill microorganisms, viruses, and harmful bacteria.

UVC light destroys the genetic bonds in pathogens rendering them unable to replicate and perform vital cellular functions, which kills the microorganism.


The Uvio Light is a sleek germicidal disinfection lamp that is barely seen at 1” height and depth and less than 12” long along the top of the computer monitor. Powered by a USB cord, provided, to the monitor, dock, or outlet, the UVC light disinfects the desktop and devices in the primary work area (48” x 24”), where they are at greatest risk from potentially infected persons using the desk the prior day.

The UVC light is activated for 2-hours each night when the building is unoccupied (direct UVC exposure can be harmful). All lights are controlled through an encrypted Wi-Fi app, downloaded to any phone, that is set up once to activate all lights in the organization nightly. If anyone is in the area, Uvio’s, heat and motion-sensing Dual Safety features shut the lights off immediately.

The programmable Wi-Fi also creates a disinfection record, which provides proof of daily disinfection and can protect the company from liability due to negligence.

Uvio helps prevent the spread of virus to employees, which can lead to viral outbreaks in the office. This is critical as organizations bring employees back into the workplace and provide them with the protection and peace of mind they need to get back to work safely while reducing the cost and potential liability to the organization that viruses and other pathogens present in the new pandemic age.


Zgo Technologies, originating in Australia in 2010, is a designer and manufacturer of high-performance ergonomic and technology products that apply Workspace Technologies, the design discipline that concentrates on the most effective use of technology in the officeplace. Headquartered in Atlanta, GA and with facilities around the globe, Zgo Technologies makes the use of today’s technology more efficient, more effective, more comfortable, and safer, which greatly improves the performance of the workstation and the employees that use them.

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