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With Black Friday Around The Corner, Vocinity Adds Colossyan Digital Humans For Brands and Retailers

Vocinity Omnichannel Virtual Shopping Assistants

Vocinity Omnichannel Virtual Shopping Assistants

Examples of Colossyan Digital Humans

Examples of Colossyan Digital Humans

Vocinity Logo

Vocinity Logo

Vocinity Video-Based Shopping Assistants Enable More Engaging, Informative and Cost-Effective Selling In-Store and Online Selling

We are excited to work with Vocinity to make sales & shopping experiences more engaging and profitable. And the best part, our Digital Humans come to life so anyone can have a conversation with them.”
— Kristof Szabo, CEO of Colossyan
RESTON, VA, USA, June 9, 2022 / -- Vocinity announced today the integration of Colossyan AI Avatars to provide brands and retailers with more digital human options for the upcoming holiday season. Hiring and retaining quality staff for the sales on the floor is hard. Still, it’s even worse during the holiday season. With Vocinity, Colosyan, and a simple QR Code, every visitor can get a virtual shopping assistant – reducing the need to hire more season staff. At the same time, this ensures high-quality and consistent shopper engagements.

Vocinity provides the most advanced, interactive conversational video assistants that engage by having natural voice-based conversations. Vocinity AI-powered, no-code, zero-footprint, no download virtual assistants make shopping, sales, and service interactions more engaging, informative, and profitable.

Vocinity leverages best-of-breed providers for voice recognition, text to speech, digital humans, and proprietary breakthrough technology that enables truly human-like experiences. Vocinity virtual brand assistants train with the same information as sales teams and use the latest conversational AI to interact at human-level accuracy. But unlike their human counterparts, they never forget, get smarter over time, and don’t get sick.

Colossyan, a new entrant in the digital human creation space, was started in 2020. Their Creator tool has quickly become very popular for creating studio-quality videos without physical equipment. By partnering with Vocinity, Colossyan AI models can be fully interactive digital humans providing both companies partners and clients more options for digital avatars.

“We’ve truly enjoyed working with Kristof and his team. They are at the forefront of creating compelling, lifelike synthetic media,” said Michael Riemer, CEO of Vocinity. “And we are excited to have their AI avatars as part of our combined offering.”

“We are so excited to work with Vocinity and open new horizons in making sales and shopping experiences more engaging and profitable. From the beginning, working with Michael and Nathan was an inspiration, and we see great potential in working together, said Kristof Szabo, CEO of Colossyan. “Our digital humans don’t need cameras, studio, make-up, or editing. And the best part, we can bring them to life with Vocinity’s technology so that anyone can have a conversation with them. Truly amazing!”

The Vocinity platform is a customer and partner-friendly solution available to enterprises of any size. Vocinity virtual assistants deliver valuable outcomes up to 900% less expensive than full-time employees or contractors. Go to and speak with Gabbi directly to learn more.

About Vocinity
Founded in 2018, Vocinity addresses the cost, coverage, and consistency challenges of finding and retaining quality staff by enabling powerful brand and product experiences — when, where, and how consumers want them. With our no-code agent builder, Vocinity puts the power of video and voice, conversational brand assistants, into the hands of high-value brands of any size or technical know-how. For more information, visit

About Colossyan
After working together on synthetic media technology research projects, Kristof Szabo (CEO), Dominik Mate Kovacs (CPO), and Zoltan Kovacs (CTO launched Colossyan in 2020. Colossyan’s vision is to allow everyone to create studio-quality videos without any physical equipment (supporting over 60 languages) - bringing easy video content creation to the masses. Colossyan has offices across Budapest, Barcelona, and Copenhagen. For more information, visit

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