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5WPR CEO With Podcast Lessons for Companies

Dara Busch, CEO of 5WPR, says podcasting first started back in 2012, with the biggest ones having been hosted by big names or large brands.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, June 11, 2022 / -- For the most part, most early podcasts didn't serve small business owners, and they didn't talk about topics that niche audiences would find interesting. However, in the decade since then, plenty of other people and businesses have started their own podcasts which have allowed them to do several things. One of those things was filling a gap in the podcast market where different types of audience segments could be served by the content. This took advantage of growing global trends, as companies created interesting content for large audiences.

Developing a Podcast
When a company is looking to launch its own podcast, it should try to bring in as many businesses and industry experts as possible. This way, the audience can consume content differently, such as during work hours, a commute, or even while doing chores at home. This allows consumers to multitask in whatever way works best for them, instead of making the audience sit down in front of a computer or their phone to read an article or watch a video. This multitasking ability is one of the biggest reasons why podcasts have exploded in popularity in the last couple of years. They give listeners the convenience of being entertained or educated by valuable content, while also being able to focus on other things.

When companies are able to bring in different experts and thought leaders as guests on their podcasts, they will immediately attract the attention of their target audience and establish the podcast as an industry leader. This will also portray the podcast as a credible place to get valuable information.

Impact on Marketing
When a company becomes a source of valuable information that helps its target audience, it can establish a trusting relationship with its podcast listeners. Those listeners trust that the business works hard to provide them with information on several different topics. They also expect to hear from experts on those topics, and that these podcasts will give them valuable content. Companies can also stay on top of any developing trends for their podcasts, as well as predict upcoming trends and assess any changes that might be happening in their industry. They can talk about the impact that any changes or trends have on a business or an industry and inform the audience. Nevertheless, one of the most valuable results of creating a podcast for businesses is getting to see and learn about the impact that the content of the podcast has on the listeners. This impact is going to be immediately visible across social media platforms because many listeners tend to turn to social media when they're done consuming content on a specific topic, to share their thoughts, comments, or feelings about it with the business. Lastly, a benefit that podcasts give businesses is that of speaking and interview opportunities, which can be used to further expand a company's authority on various subjects.

Dara Busch is Co-CEO of 5WPR, a leading PR agency.

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