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The Woods at Parkside Releases Guide on Understanding Meth and the Consequences of Using It

Consequences of Meth

GAHANNA, OHIO, UNITED STATES, June 8, 2022 / -- The Woods at Parkside has released a guide on understanding the different forms of meth, its street names, and the consequences of using the drug. Meth is short for methamphetamine and is a dangerous and destructive drug that is used as a stimulant. It’s highly addictive and can be difficult to recover from.

There are different types of meth that can be smoked or injected. They include methamphetamine, methamphetamine pills, crystal meth, and methcathinone. There are many street names for the drug including chalk, crank, crystal, tweak, glass, speed, uppers, tina, shards, etc.

Meth can stay in the body for various lengths of time as it depends on several factors including when it’s taken, or if it’s smoked or injected. It offers an instant rush that leaves the body relatively quickly. People that often snort meth can have a sustained high that usually lasts about half a day.

There are both short-term and long-term effects on the body and brain for people who use meth. Some common symptoms include:

· More energy and activity than usual
· No feelings of fatigue despite staying up for days
· Slacking on personal care and grooming
· Picking at your skin or hair
· Loss of appetite
· Tremors and convulsions
· Anxiety
· Dilated pupils
· Rapid eye movement
· Having exaggerated mannerisms
· Talking constantly
· Mood swings
· Uncontrolled anger
· Paranoia
· Hallucinations

Some long-term side effects of meth can include:

· Addiction
· Rotting teeth
· Itching or scales on the skin
· Inability to feel pleasure
· Increased anxiety
· Severe insomnia
· Psychotic symptoms that last for months, such as paranoia, hallucinations, and delusions
· A feeling of bugs crawling on the skin
· Brain damage and changes in the brains functions and structures
· Problems with motor skills
· Easily distracted
· Memory loss
· Weight loss
· Difficulty with verbal learning
· Stroke
· Overdose or death

The Woods at Parkside is a residential detox and recovery facility that can help people with drug addictions in Gahanna, Ohio. The staff includes physicians, nurses, and therapists that work together to create a treatment plan that helps drug-related challenges. If a person or someone they know is struggling with drug addiction, they can visit the Woods at Parkside website to learn more about treatment options.

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