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Baltic Prime Ministers met in Vilnius where they agreed to seek NATO decisions regarding reinforcement of the Alliance’s eastern flank

LITHUANIA, June 7 - On June 7, Prime Minister of Lithuania Ingrida Šimonytė, Prime Minister of Latvia Krišjānis Kariņš and Prime Minister of Estonia Kaja Kallas met in Vilnius. During the meeting held at the Office of the Government, Prime Ministers discussed the security situation in the region, NATO Forward defence and deterrence reinforcement in the Baltic states, support to Ukraine as the war launched by Russia continues as well as sanctions on Russia and Belarus.

Prime Ministers of the Baltic States agreed to continue coordinating the countries’ positions and jointly seek a shift from the NATO advance force deployment to the forward defence model as well as swift decision-making regarding the Eastern flank reinforcement.

‘As Russia poses a threat to the security of the whole Euro-Atlantic area, it is crucial for NATO to make the necessary decisions regarding reinforcement of major forces in the Eastern flank of the Alliance, especially taking the geographical features into consideration’, said Prime Minister of Lithuania.

She emphasized that Lithuania's spending of defence already amounts to 2.5% of its GDP and the country is ready to increase its investments into modernization of its armed forces as well as into the host nation support to ensure the best conditions for allied soldiers deployed in Lithuania.

‘If Russia is not stopped in Ukraine, if we go into compromises with Russia at the cost of Ukrainian lands, Russia will only be encouraged to continue. We must help Ukraine win the war in which Ukrainians are fighting for freedom of the whole Europe. Only the victory of Ukraine can ensure a long-term peace in Europe’, said Ingrida Šimonytė.

Prime Ministers noted that by granting Ukraine the European Union Candidate Status, we would show a strong and much needed signal of a long-term support to Ukraine.

Prime Ministers of Lithuania, Latvia, and Estonia also discussed Russia’s aims to artificially cause a food crisis and use famine as a weapon. Prime Ministers emphasized Russia’s responsibility for blocking Ukrainian ports and preventing Ukraine from exporting grain and other goods.