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Subul – A New Way to Outsource - Creating New Pathways for Refugees

Khaled Shaaban is a Syrian asylum seeker. He founded Subul, a network of refugees that provide top quality outsourcing services.

Subul has been a dream for years, it represents a new effective ecosystem that empowers disadvantaged people in their home countries and countries of refuge.”
— Khaled Shaaban

LONDON, UK, June 7, 2022 / -- Subul Outsourcing leverages a network of refugees, and other disadvantaged people, to provide top quality outsourcing services. Subul not only provides a return on investment to the client, but also generates balance and mobility to citizens of war-torn and economically fraught countries.

Khaled Shaaban is a Syrian asylum seeker currently based in the Netherlands, working towards getting approval for a resident permit. He founded ROIA, a not-for-profit that aims to provide stability on the ground in Syria through technology.

At time of release, Khaled is working out of an Emergency Asylum Seeker Camp. Despite the many challenges he faces, he has been able to provide jobs for 100s of refugees in Turkey and the Middle East. The success of ROIA has led to Khaled founding Subul, which looks to bridge the gap between commerce and the economically displaced.

“Subul has been a dream for years, it represents a new effective ecosystem that empowers disadvantaged people in their home countries and countries of refuge. Subul allows them to overcome the local economic challenges. Subul opens the door for potentially millions of talented people, who have been trapped in war and economic siege, to unlock their potential and access the international digital economy.” - Khaled Shaaban

“We have been working with Subul's team since 2019 and they have been a key factor in enabling the growth of our company by connecting us with a qualified and motivated remote workforce” – Iva Gumnishka – Humans In The Loop

Subul started with 20 people working on a pilot project, but has gone on to have access to a 700 strong workforce of refugees and disadvantaged people, providing a huge range of services for both the private and public sectors.

Subul’s services are tech focussed and have been carefully developed to give clients an agile and powerful agency capable of scaling with them. Artificial intelligence related activities, such as dataset collection, dataset annotation and dataset validation, are becoming ever more vital to all sorts of businesses development. Along with AI, we are experts on web development and digital marketing. In addition to purely tech driven activities, we also have some extremely talented linguists that can take on translation, voice over and content writing briefs.

At the heart of Subul is a desire to heal, to be a force for good that reacts to chaos with stability, that reacts to rage with enterprise. Although Subul’s mission is at core a social one, we recognize the need to compete with purely commercially driven businesses.
About Subul: Subul Impact outsourcing is not just an agency providing outsourcing and recruitment services; it represents a life-changing mission to establish BALANCE, STABILITY, and SOCIAL CONSCIOUSNESS. Subul provides top standard tech outsourcing, by matching talent to the task, whilst helping to heal the wounds of war and oppression.

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