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Kazuhide Todome, ex-Project Manager of OICETS, World’s First Successful Optical Inter-Sat Comm Demo, Joins WARPSPACE

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TSUKUBA CITY, IBARAKI, JAPAN, June 6, 2022 / -- WARPSPACE, which aims to realize optical communication services in space using small satellites, appointed Kazuhide Todome, the ex-project manager of OICETS, the world’s first satellite that successfully demonstrated the optical inter-satellite communication together with ESA.

Optical Inter-satellite link (OISL) is getting more and more attention from the global space industry. To commercialize the high-end technology, agile and bold development is necessary for addition to past experiences. While we need to ensure the reliability of the services and keep the agility, Mr. Todome’s expertise in satellite development will enhance the technical quality of the service.

As Professor Takayama, who was in charge of R&D of OICETS’s optical terminal, is also our technical advisor, two of Japan's leading optical communication technology experts have joined us. We will accelerate the development of the world's first optical inter-satellite communication network service, "WarpHub InterSat", for its service launch.

Akihiro Nagata, CTO of WARPSPACE, comments, "In New Space, which is initiated by the private sector, we are required to develop more quickly and ensure a level of service that satisfies our customers. In this context, it is very encouraging to have Mr. Todome, who actually has experience in satellite development at OICETS, as an advisor. As a start-up from Japan, we will continue to inherit the technology that Japan has cultivated and provide services that will satisfy our customers as we work toward realizing the world's first optical inter-satellite communication service.”

Mr. Kazuhide Todome comments, “It has already been more than 15 years since the world's first successful bi-directional optical inter-satellite communication experiment between the European geostationary satellite ARTEMIS and the LEO satellite OICETS, several tens of thousands of kilometers away from each other. The space optical communication network of WARPSPACE, taking advantage of optical communications for granted, will be a powerful network to support various space projects such as the current constellation of small satellites. I have been given the opportunity to share my experience, including failures, gained from the development of OICETS and many other satellites. I look forward to committing myself to this challenge.”

【Kazuhide Todome】
・NEC Corporation Space Development Division
・OICETS, SELENE, and other satellite project managers.
・Exective Officer of Japan Manned Space Systems Corporation(JAMSS)
・Houston Port information management system (HARBORLIGHTS) Japan agent
・Special Advisor of Space Walker
・Director of the Japan Society of Microgravity Application.

WARPSPACE is a space tech startup located in Tsukuba, developing an optical inter-satellite data relay service in medium Earth orbit called “WarpHub InterSat”. The target customers are Earth observation satellite operators that need to quickly move large volumes of data from space to the ground at the very time when they need their data. Bringing in both heritages from JAXA and OICETS project and supply chain innovations in NewSpace, WARPSPACE aims to become the world's first private company to provide an optical communication network in space.

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