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It’s Ozone Season: Curb Ozone and Cut Emissions with the Revolution Bus

Typical High Ozone Day in Houston, Texas

According to the ACAAI, 8.3% of Americans have asthma- 20.4 million are adults and 6.1 million are children. Asthma symptoms can be triggered irritants in the air found on Ozone Alert Days.”
— Bruce Beegle, Vice President

HILLIARD, OH, UNITED STATES, June 6, 2022 / -- Ozone impacts the United States greatly between the months of March to November. Ozone, sometimes referred to as smog, is a gas that is formed in the atmosphere when three atoms of oxygen combine. Ground-Level Ozone is found at ground level (it is also called tropospheric ozone). It is not emitted directly into the air but created by chemical reactions between oxides of nitrogen (NOx) and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) in the presence of sunlight. Emissions from industrial facilities and electric utilities, motor vehicle exhaust, gasoline vapors, and chemical solvents are some of the major sources of NOx and VOCs.

Ground-level ozone is of particular importance because it is a respiratory toxic agent that can cause acute respiratory health effects when people breathe high concentrations of it over several hours. These effects include decreased lung function and pain with deep breaths, and aggravated asthma symptoms.

Bruce Beegle notes, “According to the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, 8.3% of Americans have asthma. Of these 26.5 million, 20.4 million are adults and 6.1 million are children. Asthma symptoms can be triggered irritants in the air found on Ozone Alert Days. With the Vanner Revolution Bus, we are reducing these contributing emissions while in the school zone.”

Here are a few ways ozone can be reduced by the Revolution Bus?
• Limit driving and idling: Revolution’s patented design generates on-board power to operate the air conditioning in the most efficient state, while maximizing performance and operation time with the engine off producing ZERO emissions in the school zone
• Save Fuel: The Revolution Bus eliminates the high-idle required by conventional air conditioning systems. High idling wastes 3-4 times the fuel consumed at a curb idle and 100% more fuel than Revolution’s engine-off operation in the school zone. Revolution data has shown a 2 gallon a day fuel savings in normal duty
• Keep the vehicle maintained: With the Revolution bus, problematic belt-driven air conditioner compressors and the under the hood refrigerant lines that crack and leak due to excessive heat and vibration reducing vehicle maintenance.

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