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Orange County, FL Mayoral Candidate Chris Messina Releases Vision 2025

Focus on Freedom and Self-Sufficiency to Negate the Need for Tax Increases

ORLANDO, FL, USA, June 1, 2022 / -- “My vision for Orange County is focused on freedom and self-sufficiency,” Orange County Mayoral Candidate Chris Messina explained in announcing more details of his platform.

Vision 2025 has five key principles:

1. Economic Freedom. We must reduce the burdens of inflation and taxes on our families. We can’t tax and spend our way to prosperity. Diversifying our local economy so that we can provide good-paying jobs even during economic downturns is also essential.

2. Medical Freedom. We must ensure that medical decisions remain between doctors and patients, protect life, and are based solely on the science, not superstition and ideology.

3. Food Security. We must become the world leader in sustainable, organic, urban agriculture, leveraging our existing climatic advantages to promote food crop innovation and environmental best practices.

4. Energy Independence. We must promote the use of renewable, locally-produced energy.

5. Inclusivity. We must protect the rights of everyone - including parents, workers, pre-born children, and the disabled - not just the politically-connected or powerful. Adequate staffing levels of trained police is vital; without them rights cannot fully be secured.

“Our families are being force to do more with less,” Chris elaborated, “It’s time for County government to do the same - we have to become more ambitious even as we know we’ll have less money to achieve those ambitions; that’s a challenge, but it’s the challenge I’ve prepared for my whole life.”

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