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Exponential Growth Causes Crypto Investment Token to Surpass Ambitious Milestones

Aames-Alto Defi Protocol and Rebase Logo

Aames-Alto Defi Protocol

Currently the protocol has burned 39% of token supply and locked away 25% for longer term rewards to fight inflation and keep prices surging.

Currently the protocol has burned 39% of token supply and locked away 25% for longer term rewards to fight inflation and keep prices surging.

Recent price action and chart analytics of the token price show promising trends and further set ups for price increases.

Recent price action and chart analytics of the token price show promising trends and further set ups for price increases.

Aames-Alto Defi seems to be the only project growing rapidly during this declining market. Their latest charts prove it.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, May 28, 2022 / -- Introduction to the Decentralized Capital Gains System
Based on the Binance Smart chain, Aalto Protocol has made waves in the rebase token community. The core model of the system caps the token at a maximum supply which is expected to be reached in just over a year. Additionally, the model also includes multiple deflationary mechanisms including automatic token burning, automatic liquidity, and an insurance fund. In addition to the core model, the token includes a reward system that is directly paid out to holders. The rewards are accumulated through their sustainably fixed compound interest model that works in tandem with an auto-rebase mechanism. Their distinctive approach to a crypto capital gain system has clearly paid off as a recent parabolic move pushed the protocol to surpass many new milestones which can be clearly seen on their charts.

The Growth of the Token
In the last month, Aalto Protocol has experienced a large parabolic move, an exponential increase in price due to increased consumer demand, this caused the token’s price to soar over 2.5 times its launch value, and over 5 times from the lowest price point. The rebase protocol, which launched on April 27th of this year, has already surpassed 1,200 holders, the jump from 300 holders to 1,200+ holders occurring in only two weeks. It’s known that a limited number of rebase tokens in the crypto space are able to stay above their launch price, especially taking the recent volatile market into consideration. Aalto protocol, having accomplished this, is now soaring above the $18 mark. In addition to its rising value, the auto token burning mechanism has been able to burn nearly 40% of its supply.

How Aalto Protocol is Reacting to the Recent Market Volatility
In response to the recent volatility of the market, Aalto Protocol has instituted “Protocol Health”, which advises holders to lock their Aalto in the “Deep Blue Bank”. The unique banking system, in which investors can lock up their funds and earn additional rewards, aids the growth of the token by bringing the currency out of circulation but continues to rebase the values. Currently over 2.7 million USD worth of Aalto is staked in the “Deep Blue Bank” which is about 25% of the total token supply. In addition to advising the lock up of funds, the Aalto team has also increased the frequency of the bank rewards distribution to twice daily to further incentivize taking funds out of circulation in an effort to fight inflation. To date this has been extremely effective in continuing the buy pressure as seen on the chart.

The Future for Aalto Protocol
According to the company's Twitter, Aalto shows signs of another parabolic move and their core teams are making preparations to help sustain Aalto's growth in the long run. Recent announcements regarding a revamped push for their project to increase exposure, further burns and an ever increasing number of holders - over 800 in the past 2 weeks - show promising signs that growth will continue. Despite the market's current state Aames-Alto doesn't seem too worried due to their planning, all star core team and enthusiastic community.

The $20k-$30k Prize Pool
The team behind Aalto-Ames Defi is also making moves to run a massive giveaway competition for their community and those from the outside looking in. With a prize pool of over $20,000 (final sum is to be determined) the giveaway will be open to anyone who completes a series of actions. The campaign will launch in early June and the prize pool will be distributed across a large number of not only holders but general participants too. It will be a similar campaign to Sphere Finance's Bounty program in which they ran a $100,000 giveaway to launch their project.

Future Targets
The project has already surpassed some impressive milestones - like surpassing a $15,000,000 market cap - and continues to be ambitious. While many defi protocols have collapsed and abandoned their communities after the Terra Luna crash, Aames-Alto seems to be one of the few to not only come out the other side alive but is actually seeing continuous growth. Since the project's launch earlier this year the token has already pushed to 3x the launch price and is holding steadily. Due to their strategic investments they've hedged against a current bear market and if continued the price could see a 7x launch price before the end of June hitting their target of a $50+ token price.

To learn more about Aalto Protocol visit their website or read their whitepaper. If you want to get involved in their community make sure to check out their Twitter page as well as their Discord as that is where the most up-to-date info will be shared.

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