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TV vs Projector, which one is better for protecting eyes

Dangbei Mars Pro 4k Projector

Dangbei Mars Pro 4k Projector

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector home smart projector launch

Dangbei Mars Pro 4K Laser Projector home smart projector launch

Many people are interested in which one is more eye-friendly, the TV or the projector. This article will answer the question for you.

NEW YORK, THE UNITED STATES, May 27, 2022 / -- In the past, TV was a necessary appliance in everyone's home, but as society continues to develop, projectors are gradually replacing television sets as the mainstream device for people to watch movies. Some people are curious whether projectors are more protective of people's eyesight than televisions. This article will talk about which is more protective of people's eyesight, the TV or the projector, from the following aspects.

Light source
The image of the LCD TV is displayed by the backlight source and LCD screen together. Therefore, the LCD TV itself is a luminous body. The human eye for a long time to watch the luminous body, not only will feel tired but also lead to vision damage.
2. Projector
The image projected by the projector is a cloth curtain reflecting the light source of the projector, the image is seen by the human eye, just like looking at the scene in the sun, is natural and soft. So the damage from the projector to the eyes is less than TV.

At the same time comparison
At the same time watching the LCD TV or projector, the human eye feels the light is not the same, one is the direct light, and another is the reflection of light. Therefore, the eyes have different feelings from these two appliances. LCD TV makes the human eye more easily fatigued and even harmed. And the eyes feel much better when watching the projector.

The same distance comparison
The reason why families choose projectors is to pursue the visual enjoyment brought by the large screen of the cinema. But we should also be clear about the fact that the human eye has distance requirements for objects and images to be viewed.
The distance between the front and back walls of the living room of the mass user's home is about four meters (or even less), and the projection screen is at a distance of about three meters from the eyes, so close to watching the image of a hundred inches or even a larger screen for a long time, the human eye is bound to be fatigued and sore.
The best distance position when we watch a movie in the theater is the middle of the theater, which is a suitable distance. And the reflected light of the projected image has been scattered out a lot after a long distance. So our eyes will be very comfortable when watching movies in the theater. And when watching a projector at home, the distance is short, the light scattering is small, and the damage to the eyes will be greater than about 50 inches of LCD TV.

The contrast in normal light during the day
Projector has a weakness in that it is difficult to project a clear image in strong light. Its strengths also happen to become its weaknesses in strong light. So, we will choose in the dark environment of the room to watch the movie which is cast by the projector.

Also indoors during the day, the LCD TV can display images perfectly. Watching LCD TV images against natural light will be a very comfortable experience. While watching the projector, the image is blurred, but the viewing is more strenuous and is not good for the eyes. This is the reason why many families hesitate to install projectors. Although projector technology has overcome many problems, it is also difficult to impress.

A reasonable choice to watch the projection and LCD TV
Projection and LCD TV have their advantages and disadvantages, there is no absolute good and bad comparison with each other. But in different scenes, it is very important to choose a different image display, projection, or LCD TV set.
The projector is suitable for viewing at a distance and in a dimly lit room. When viewing at close distances, the viewing time should be shortened. LCD TV is suitable for viewing at a closer distance and in a non-sunlight environment. Turning on the lights when watching TV at night can reduce the damage to your eyes.

If you're looking for a suitable home projector, the Dangbei Mars Pro is a great projector to buy. Dabei, a formidable competitor of XGIMI in terms of projectors, has introduced a new 4K laser projector Dangbei Mars Pro for the US market.

From the appearance, the Dangbei Mars Pro 4k home projector comes in an attractive black color, with two gold "4K" and "Dangbei" logos on the upper left and lower right corners of the front, adding a premium feel to the whole projector. The sides of the Dangbei Mars Pro laser projector are aircraft aluminum skeleton designs with left and right ventilation design that promotes air circulation inside the projector. This allows for maximum heat dissipation. The Dangbei Mars Pro projector supports both Dolby and DTS sound modes, which are also marked on both sides in a prominent position, bringing the ultimate audio and visual enjoyment.

From technology, Dangbei Mars Pro is certified by TÜV Rheinland as low blue light, which effectively reduces the harmful effects of short-wave blue light. Even if you watch it for a long time, you will not feel eye fatigue. And it also has built-in speakers, which can bring you the best visual and auditory experience. 

With 3200 ANSI lumen, the resolution here is stunning and gives more detail than full HD. Whether in the dark or a well-lit environment, Dangbei Mars Pro will provide peak picture quality.

The smart projector adopts DLP display technology and uses an ALPD laser as the light source with a long lamp life of over 20,000 hours. So it has outstanding stability and durability.

In conclusion, Dangbei Mars Pro has many diverse and innovative features and has a vast memory space. The price of this futuristic projector is $1,599, which is a decent price as compared to its competitors.

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