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All-in-One Hydrogen Refueler Contributes to Global Clean Energy Industry

BOSTON, MASSACHUSETTS, UNITED STATES, May 24, 2022 / -- With the rapid development of hydrogen energy and FCV industries, the increase of public awareness of environmental protection, and the conscious guidance of governments and institutions, the preparation, transportation, and storage of hydrogen energy have become the focus of the world’s attention in the recent years. Meanwhile, the demand for hydrogen refueling facilities is also increasing exponentially.

In order to adapt to the development of hydrogen energy era, Angstrom Group successfully developed the world’s first all-in-one hydrogen refueler, which covers the production, compression, storage, and refueling of hydrogen in 2018. It is highly integrated and can be customized according to special requirements. The biggest advantage of the refueler is user-friendly, easy operation and maintenance, intelligentized control and monitoring ensure safety, reliability, and remote operation, purity can reach 99.99%, can be installed in extreme environments. The emergence of the all-in-one hydrogen refueler solved the dilemma of traditional hydrogen station. It occupies a much smaller footprint, easy to be transported and installed, saves initial investment and labor cost; it produces hydrogen by connecting water and electricity only, which requires less operation cost. The refueler is more suitable for customer who has urgent refueling demand or relatively small hydrogen demand. At present, it has been successfully commercialized and sold to a vehicle Manufacturer for FCVs testing use.

The successful development of all-in-one hydrogen refueler is a technological breakthrough based on the long development experience of hydrogen industry and the mature knowledge of hydrogen station construction. It is a milestone in the industry that will help better promote the popularization of FCVs, improve the utilization rate of hydrogen energy, accelerate global carbon neutral, and make contributions to the global clean energy industry.

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