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Far From Average: Top Finance Coach Michael Cavaggioni Helps Americans Fight Debt & Learn Investing

/EIN News/ -- Honolulu, May 21, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The average American doesn’t rate their personal finances positively, according to a new poll, but one innovative finance coach is using his years of networking and investing expertise to help many “Average Joes” improve their situations from conquering debt to buying real estate.

Mike Cavaggioni is an expert in teaching financial independence, entrepreneurship and networking, he does it with a compassionate and easily understandable message through his website Average Joe Finances®. Visitors can dive into a wide range of resources for improving their finances via insightful blogs, a top-rated podcast, free e-books and more on building their wealth.
And that advice can be a vital lifeline for people of all types of financial situations across the United States, at a time when a recent Gallup survey found less than half of all Americans rate their finances as excellent or good. With inflation on the rise and affecting people no matter their income levels, the website can provide steady guidance through any economic upheavals.

“Average Joe Finances is focused on being an educational platform for people at all stages of their financial independence journey. From overcoming bad debt, to building their wealth, we aim to be the ‘go to’ resource for you,” Cavaggioni says. “For those still trying to get out of debt, we have a financial coaching service that focuses on different strategies to help you overcome that debt so you can start your path towards financial independence.”

The ever-growing list of highly satisfied people who have reaped the benefits of the lessons that Average Joe Finances’ podcast, blogs and more get to learn vital information about managing money that Cavaggioni has learned through hard work and a willingness to learn himself.

Originally from Long Island, New York, and now Living in Ewa Beach, Hawaii, he has served in the Navy since 2002. Parallel to his Navy career, he’s a licensed REALTOR ASSOCIATE®, real estate investor, and in-demand financial coach.

“I genuinely care about the people that I work with and want to see them succeed. I have always been service-oriented, which is why I served 20 years in the Navy and now work as a real estate agent and financial coach. It's also why I host the Average Joe Finances® Podcast. I want to see others succeed and get to a point where they can truly enjoy life. If they have children, they can build a better framework for the future generation,” says Cavaggioni.

Almost 2,000 people are members of the Average Joe Finances® Facebook Group and counless others tune in to the podcast that is internationally ranked as a top 1 percent show. The Average Joe Finances® YouTube channel also gets thousands of views and is helping spread Cavaggioni’s financial literacy message.

People willing to learn from Cavaggioni will get his first-hand stories of overcoming consumer debt and charting a path for building wealth which allowed him to reach financial independence in his 30’s. That includes the constantly growing list of properties in which he has invested in, providing him with the additional passive income every month that he can then reinvest to continue growing further.

He started Average Joe Finances® as a blog to share his experience in the hope of helping others, and it quickly grew into a one-stop shop for important tips about personal finances and wealth building.

One overarching piece of advice that he wants people to hear – no matter their income level, amount of debt, and investing or real estate experience – is that networking is a necessary but sometimes overlooked tool that can help to make someone’s financial plans a success.

“I have found success through staying consistent and always networking. I cannot stress that enough. You have to put yourself out there and be genuine to other people. You get back 10 times what you put into it. Don't expect a handout. Always look for ways to provide value to others and people will move mountains for you,” Cavaggioni says.

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