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John Krondes Has The Entertainment World Reeling Over New Recordings With The Original Elvis Presley Hit Team

John Krondes with Shirley Jones, and Marty Ingels in Hollywood.

Elvis Presley's 1st Drummer DJ Fontana with Bobby Ogdin, John Krondes, and Bobby Emmons at Nashville Recording Studio

Singer John Krondes with TV Talk Show Legend Joe Franklin at New York Recording Studio

Hollywood's "Mystery Man" John Krondes Is Sending Shock Waves Around The World With Viral News Of His "Pot Of Gold" Music Masters with Elvis Presley's Musicians

And when he does the songs, the most impressive thing about John's project is that he's sincere about getting to the heart of the matter...And John puts his heart into everything he does”
— Ray Walker of the Jordanaires
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 23, 2022 / -- ROCK 'N ROLL NEWS... "At The End Of A Rainbow You'll Find A Pot Of Gold. " Spookily, those beautiful and historic lyrical words sung by John Krondes and the Jordanaires, and their predecessors Earl Grant and Elvis Presley full circle are not only prophetic but ominous. Elvis Presley serenaded Priscilla Beaulieu with that famous love song called "THE END" on the night they met in Germany. Mystically, THE END was composed by John Krondes' father Jimmy Krondes and Sid Jacobson circa 1958. The linkage to THE END a/k/a "At The End Of A Rainbow" was written in the prophetic cards for both Elvis Presley and John Krondes before they were even born says Psychic To The Stars John Cohan. Cohan explained, "It was part of destiny's plan for Elvis Presley to choose to sing THE END to Priscilla on their first encounter. For the same fateful reason it was also destiny's calling for John Krondes to wind up recording THE END with the Jordanaires and to take on and carry through the Rock 'N Roll Mission of bringing forward another Chapter of the Memphis Sound. These events were supposed to happen, they were not coincidences." Psychic John Cohan has offered an even more philosophical reading as to John Krondes. He offers, "the John Krondes story is mind boggling. because it gets your mind thinking that there are deeper wonderful explanations to unknown things that are very real, and allows the human mind to absorb and comprehend them. It opens your mind to things that you never thought you would understand."

Psychic To The Stars John Cohan's explanations and reading into the unexplained "connections" and events which continue to surround and evidence the uniting of spirits and forces of Elvis Presley and John Krondes sound hauntingly similar to those justifications about the spirits scripted long before us all by Ancient Greek Philosopher Socrates. John Cohan and Socrates both argue the belief that the Soul and Spirit exists before birth, and continues to exist after death, and is said by them to be born again. Such deep ancient old teachings by Socrates helps give some sort of sense as to the mystical "connections" between John Krondes and Elvis Presley which is puzzling the world.

Socrates (470-399 BC) manifests "... we admitted that everything living is born of the dead. For if the soul existed before birth, and in coming to life and being born can be born only from death and dying, must she not after death continue to exist, since she has to be born again? "

Singer / songwriter John Krondes as of late has quickly risen to the title of "Hollywood's Mystery Man". John Krondes has the music and entertainment industry, media, and fans in all corners of the globe thunderstruck. No one can figure him out. Everyone is mystified at how John reeled in all of Elvis Presley’s musicians and singers, Joe Esposito, Arrangers, and Friends, that played with, worked, and knew the King. Industry experts, publishers, marketers, and you name it, are all scrambling to get on the Krondes music train. No one has seen anything like this in years and/or ever! John Krondes reportedly has close to 100 New Recordings with all of Elvis Presley's original players. He has them all; the TCB Band, American Sound Studio Band, DJ Fontana, Ronnie Tutt, Jordanaires, Stamps, Imperials, Sweet Inspirations, Elvis Horns, and others. John Krondes has herds of new believers flocking to his Instagram and Facebook pages, and Google News [ @johnkrondes ] waiting for another piece of Rock 'N Roll News and musical Instagram Reels to drop.

As wild as a modern entertainment story could be; even the Psychic To The Stars John Cohan who about the John Krondes project says "It's All Connected", is actually in fact directly "Connected" to John Krondes, Elvis Presley, Jimmy Krondes, and TV Talk Show Legend Joe Franklin himself. The Fact-Checkers are having a ball here at the John Krondes Rock 'N Roll Headquarters. Psychic John Cohan is not just riding on the coat tails of another big story. John Cohan first knew Elvis Presley. Elvis was his long time friend and client throughout many of Elvis' troubled years. John Cohan (Fact-Checked) was the Resident Psychic for many years on the Joe Franklin Show. Joe Franklin was also a friend and client to John Cohan. And down the line, John Cohan became a cherished friend of John Krondes, his mother Florence Krondes and family. John Krondes and his also famous dad Jimmy Krondes were also "connected" to Joe Franklin. John Krondes appeared and sang on the Joe Franklin Show as a teenager. Joe Franklin also had a big radio show on WOR Radio, NY and had proudly argued that he was one of the first Radio DJs to break THE END for both Earl Grant and John Krondes. Joe Franklin was a big supporter of John Krondes and the Elvis Hit Making Team, and even showed up at some of John’s early recording sessions in New York City.

Ray Walker of the Jordanaires spoke to WVOX Radio, NY about John Krondes and said, "And when he does the songs, the most impressive thing about John's project is that he's sincere about getting to the heart of the matter...And John puts his heart into everything he does."

THE END by John Krondes and the Jordanaires is being prepared for a worldwide release by CDX Records , together with Sony Music and The Orchard.

Follow John Krondes on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter @johnkrondes for more Rock 'N Roll News, music, and information. Check Out John Krondes' Instagram Reels: THE END...A New Beginning ; The Memphis Sound Is Back ; WVOX Radio , NY - John Krondes Radio Special . See also John Krondes Featured at . PR Contact -Ed Lozzi, Edward Lozzi & Associates PR * 310-922-1200 * . Watch John and Feel The Music; THE WORLD IS ALL EARS!!!

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