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SPRINGFIELD, IL - The Illinois Department of Agriculture (IDOA) announced today that it will continue to enforce emergency rules prohibiting the sale or exhibiting of poultry and poultry products at swap meets, exhibitions, flea markets, and auction markets in Illinois to prevent the spread of avian influenza.

The Department's emergency rules took effect on April 5, 2022. The emergency rules may be effective for up to 150 days; however, the Department is evaluating the need for the emergency rules every 45 days based on the most up to date avian influenza information. At the close of the first 45-day period, the Department has determined that the emergency rules should remain in effect as avian influenza has been detected in the State as recently as May 17, 2022. The Department will continue to evaluate in 45-day increments for up to 150 days.

In conjunction with this announcement, Illinois 4-H will move all county fair 4-H poultry shows to an alternate format while the emergency rules are in place. If and when the emergency rules are lifted, 4-H will return to live shows. "We want all youth to know they will still have an opportunity to exhibit and share what they've learned in their 4-H poultry project this year," said Dr. Lisa Diaz, University of Illinois Extension 4-H Director.

A decision regarding State Fair poultry shows will be made by June 17, 2022.

"The extended waterfowl migration, cooler average temperatures, and increased rainfall this spring, are factors contributing to the identification of additional detections in Illinois," said Dr. Mark Ernst, IDOA State Veterinarian. "It is our hope that within the coming weeks, migration will be completed, the weather will be consistently warmer and drier, and the risk for spread will be dramatically lower." 

Flock owners, managers, or veterinarians should report any unusual findings in domestic poultry such as increase in mortality, decrease in water consumption, decrease in egg production, or respiratory signs including coughing and sneezing immediately to the IDOA at 217-782-4944 or the USDA at 866-536-7593.

For more information regarding Avian Influenza, including links to the USDA's websites and biosecurity tips, please visit IDOA's website at Alerts and Important Animal Health Information - Animal Health and Welfare (