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New advanced AceVolt Campower poses serious competition to traditional generators for camping

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best portable power station for camping

Acevolt campower 700 portable power station

AceVolt Campower eco-friendly portable power stations are expected to replace conventional cumbersome and noisy generators in the camping world soon.

ONTARIO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 21, 2022 / -- The days of bulky and noisy generators are likely to be over in the camping scene. A new line of futuristic solar portable power stations is poised to pose serious competition to the conventional generators with state-of-the-art features and advantages. Aptly titled “Campower,” the upcoming next-gen power station is developed by California-based outdoor electric brand AceVolt.

In an exclusive interview, the founder of AceVolt shared that there are 4 crucial areas where Campower easily scores over traditional generators, especially when it comes to camping.

One of the first areas is safety. Generators are not safe to operate, especially when one has to run them for longer hours. Generator users often complain about experiencing risks of overheating or explosion while operating the device for a prolonged period. In comparison, portable power stations that use Li-ion batteries offer better safety. But the upcoming AceVolt Campower solar generator is the safest of all to date. Their latest power station is backed by state-of-the-art LiFePO4 battery cells that assure advanced internal protection and high-temperature resistance.

“A breakthrough LiFePO4 battery backs our advanced Campower models. Powered by ultra-stable infrastructure, this industry-leading battery assures advanced internal protection and eliminates the common threats of fires, overheating, and explosions”, stated the founder.

The second area is portability. Generators are bulky and heavy and hence often difficult to carry. AceVolt Campower 700 is much smaller, lighter, and always a breeze to carry on camping trips.

The third area is the environmental-friendly quotient and efficiency. Generators can be harmful to the environment. They need gasoline and fuel to power, and increasing the use of generators is only draining the planet of natural resources and reducing the rise in carbon emissions. On the other hand, AceVolt Campower power station boasts an end-to-end environment-friendly design. The power station uses solar energy to power itself and can be charged by solar panels. Moreover, the AceVolt product can always be charged in advance, making it even more efficient than the traditional options.

The fourth area where AceVolt easily scores over conventional generators is noise. Generators are infamous for being too noisy. But AceVolt Campower portable power station assures a quiet operation so that campers can enjoy the panoramic outdoor scenes with peace of mind.

AceVolt solar-powered generators have been exclusively designed to enhance the camping experience. Among its multiple cutting-edge features, its industry-leading product lifespan guarantee is a significant feature that makes it stand out. AceVolt Campower power station boasts the most extended product lifespan guarantee among all portable power stations available in the current market.

“Our Campower portable power stations will soon be your one-stop power buddy for the upcoming camping trips. Apart from being the safest, eco-friendly, and easily portable, our next-gen campower also guarantees a far higher volume of charge cycles than regular portable power stations. While regular portable power stations are mostly limited to 500 cycles, our AceVolt Campower 700 portable power station can be used over 2,500-time charge cycles.”

AceVolt will be developing various versions of Campower shortly. The first Campower will be launched shortly, in winter or spring.

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AceVolt Campower 700 portable power station