NANO TERPS Brand R&D Complete Says Global Cannabinoid Research Center Leader Mike Robinson

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, the Corporations CEO, is a cannabinoid medicine researcher that has done video presentations for Symposiums around the world from his Global Cannabinoid Research Center

David Uhalley and Mike Robinson, the Nanobles Corporate Team

David Uhalley and Mike Robinson, the Nanobles Corporate Team

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, the Corporations CEO, is a cannabinoid medicine researcher that was just named to the Top 100 Most Influential People In Cannabis for 2021 by High Times Magazine.

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, the Corporations CEO, and daughter Genevieve he met while giving away Cannabis oils to patients in need over 5 years ago

Mike Robinson High Times Top 100 2021

Mike Robinson, the Corporations CEO, is a cannabinoid medicine researcher that founded the Global Cannabinoid Research Center in 2018 and is now merging it with Nanobles Corp.

The Global Cannabinoid Research Center, a division of Nanobles Corp, has announced its R&D is complete on the product line "NANO TERPS"

SANTA BARBARA, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 19, 2022 / -- Nanobles Corporation recently acquired the Global Cannabinoid Research Center of Santa Barabra, bolstering CEO Mike Robinson's position in the company to employ much of his R&D in the Nanotechnology space. The Cannabis Researcher and three-time Cancer Survivor will be honored next Tuesday in Los Angeles by High Times as one of the Top 100 Most Influential People of 2021 within the Industry. "Late this afternoon, our COO David Uhalley filed the Trademark application on NANO TERPS. We've already secured the registered trademark on NANO for essential oils and did so as the US Government declared cannabis essential, which gives us a big opportunity to jump on and take advantage. It's been an incredible journey to get to where we are today, so it's amazing to be able to share this news," Robinson shared.

Nanobles was co-founded over two years ago by Robinson and David Uhalley, who originally had the first NANO trademark that started their journey. "NANO TERPS will be the first product line I officially launch into the open market, and it will not be with cannabinoids. Both Relaxation Recovery and Tropical Topicals are terpene blends that aren't restricted by any schedule as they're not drugs. I've also created a version of Relaxation Recovery that's a topical transdermal and 100% soluble; instead of oil, it's in hemp water," the researcher explained. "I look at two ways to treat when it comes to the NANO TERPS product line; one is topical transdermal and on an immediate cellular level, and the other is through aromatherapy."

These two busy partners have been in the headlines for various accomplishments and Intellectual Property gains that lead many to believe they're planning something for the pharmaceutical Industry much sooner than anticipated. "For right now, we're working on the NANO TERPS Brand and its proprietary products within it, but there is more on the horizon that we'll be letting the public know about soon," COO David Uhalley shared.

As the Keynote Speaker, Robinson, headlining at this year's World Nanotechnology Conference in Copenhagen, Denmark, has an extensive history in investigative medicine and research. COO David Uhalley stated, "We're working to bring Nano oils into the mainstream for multiple uses; many of these oils are already used in other forms by healers due to their existence in other plants. Cannabis Terpenes are abundant in various other flowers, berries, herbs, and trees. These terpenes are a big part of essential oils. Our mission is to introduce them beyond the alternative types and into mainstream medicine at some point. For now, we can't say there's a medicinal value if hemp oils are involved, so we're going with water-soluble. All I can say right now is Mike's formulations work wonders, and it must be due to the water!"

During the onset of the Covid Pandemic, multitudes of items were deemed essential by lawmakers around the nation. Colorado Gov. Jared Polis became the first in history to designate medical marijuana as a critical retail industry on March 22, 2020. Numerous states followed his lead to put the plant and its oils, among many other items, as being essential for humanity. "This had a lot more meaning than it seems," said Nanobles Chief Operations Officer David Uhalley. "To us, it was critical as our timing in filing trademark applications, as much as it followed Mike's work, was right on the money. We want to expand the ability of Terpenes far beyond the cannabis and alternative medicine market and bring them to the next level of Cannabinoid Medicine. Still, we decided to start with this product line that will feature multiple terpenes and essential oil creations."

In some states, officials enacted new policies such as expanded delivery services or curbside pickup, making it easier for cannabis consumers to get their hands on what they need while still respecting the past social distancing measures. Others allowed doctors to issue medical cannabis recommendations via telemedicine instead of requiring that they conduct in-person examinations. The once demonized and prohibited cannabis plant became essential, as did its oils which we turn to water, which was big news." Robinson stated, "It still is; many don't realize the impact that cannabis and cannabinoid medicine are having on the world now and will have in the future."

"The initial run will be with oil, and water-soluble solutions for a reason," researcher and product creator Mike Robinson said, "We've got registered trademarks to protect on this, so we're putting the product into commerce without question. It's imperative to make sure that we cover ourselves with these proprietary formulations and brands while watching for other developments in the Cannabis Industry and beyond. Essential oils are a big part of perfumes and even cosmetics; we're not working hard at Nanobles to make products for a single market - we plan on going big, that's for sure."

Nanobles has recently reported a merger with the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, an entity founded by Nanobles partner Mike Robinson in 2018 after a year of work at the American Academy of Cannabinoid Medicine. Robinson has a lengthy background of providing compassionate care to cannabis patients in need that reaches back to before the CBD Industry even existed. "My work began as a compassion provider because people gave to me and taught me to give to others. As things advance in my career, I continue to provide time and products to people and groups in need. I feel it's important to give, as it's essential to make sure that people in need have help."

At one time, while fighting multiple late-stage cancers, Mike Robinson ran an extensive nationwide compassion program that gave away cannabis oils which earned him the nickname of the Cannabis Philanthropist. During his journeys, he met a child with severe Autism and Epilepsy named Genevieve after her mom reached out needing help. Sick with Cancers himself, Robinson delivered to them the oils they needed and soon after that started to become attached to the family - quickly, he became part of them. The tale of the journey when Mike became Daddy to one of his patients has become known as the Cannabis Love Story.

Robinson and Uhalley announced last month they gained a registered trademark agreement that would give them the sole use of the word NANO in multiple types of Oncology Medicine. "Mike's R&D on futuristic medicines has been impressive to watch; people have grown hair and saved skin in ways nobody thought could be imaginable," stated Uhalley. "Even in that formulation, he's shared with me that he's using Nano Terpenes."

"Nanobles has a treasure trove of Intellectual Property, and it's about time we do more than just collect it; we need to put it to practical use." Robinson stated, "I've found that many in the Cannabis Community are in love with terpenes - after all, they do smell great. NANO TERPS will be multiple roll-ons that deploy various scents that heal our mind, body, and soul from the stresses of life itself. In science, it's known that there's extreme therapeutic value in essential oils, so much that many large entities that have sold them to people for their home medicine chest have invested tens to hundreds of millions into research on them. We do it a bit more archaically but very efficiently; due to our proprietary formulations and their abilities, our value may be similar to those large companies."

"We're talking to possible joint venture partners now about expanding this into a huge wholesale operation," stated David Uhalley, the Director of Communications for the Global Cannabinoid Research Center, where Robinson does his Research and Development. "NANO TERPS can supply major producers of beverages and more. We'll be working on that business plan and making an announcement soon as we secure the right partners or strategic alliances. We've put ourselves in a position to offer the public a perfect product line and create a large wholesale entity. Very few Nano Terpene entities exist."

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