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LONDON, UK, May 18, 2022 / -- The, a UK-based startup funding platform, completed the second webinar in the series, which led to the third private pitching session on "What does a meaningful impact investment look like?" The event was free and open to the general public, and it was streamed live on Zoom. hosted the global webinar on “Real impact investments changing the world of finance” which took place on April 21st, 2022, from 5 p.m. to 7 p.m. GMT. The webinar covered a wide range of topics related to real impact investing, including how a company can benefit the environment and community while also being financially viable for businesses and governments. Many founders from all around the world came to learn this essential information, and the event featured five famous panelists who were world-renowned investors and industry professionals who presented their perspectives on their respective fields of expertise. Massimiliano (Max) Sulpizi, the founder of ',' hosted the event. He is also an avid entrepreneur, venture capitalist, merchant banker, and executive, as well as the Founder and Managing Partner of HSMI-Corporate Advisory, where he has advised clients on over €100 million in transactions and €50 million in fundraising in the infrastructure, fashion, real estate, and technology sectors.

The session began with Deborah Webster, the developer of AMANITM, a unique responsible decision-making framework and holistic approach to ESG. She has helped a number of accelerators and investors find firms and entrepreneurs. She has also worked with and coached entrepreneurs to help them develop ethical and sustainable businesses. Deborah spoke about the essential tasks that any entrepreneur must complete in order to run a firm. “Every single entrepreneur needs to do is have a very harsh look at their business and the consequences and make sure that they are mitigating any potential negative impact and taking responsibility for it,” Deborah stated while elaborating that it all initiates with the mindset and attitude of taking responsibility for and recognizing every single action.

Alessa Berg, an entrepreneur, investor, and advisor to funds and enterprises, then addressed the webinar. Her thought leadership intersects good impact and emerging technologies. Moreover, Top Tier Impact (TTI), the worldwide ecosystem of impact and sustainability leaders, was developed by Alessa. She clarified how impact investing is about doing good by introducing a quantitative and quantifiable metric. "I think what's interesting here is to think a little bit about root causes and so delving into the root causes of a sector an area that needs a specific impact and already has goals to fulfill that are clear to everyone," Alessa said, as she looked into how root causes can also define certain effects.

Hans Bernhard, an advisor to startups and early-stage management teams, was one of the panelists who contributed to the participants' learning. He also helps small and medium-sized businesses with unusual project opportunities with reliable investment partners. He emphasized how it should be natural for investors to be interested in investigating all firms that claim to be impactful. “If somebody comes and tells our team is working on a new protect technology, although I’m not a monitoring physician, and certainly not an expert,” Mr. Hans said, “at least I will look at it if I’m interested, and I will take a look at it a little bit closer.”

Jasiel K. N. Martin-Odoom, a senior investment associate, was also on the panel and explained how an additive observable effect aids in making a meaningful impact on investment. His interest in impact investing prompted him to join Unreasonable Collective's deal team, which makes Series A and B impact investments in internet startups that address issues such as climate change management and reporting, the built environment, mobility and transportation, and food and agriculture. “Having a particular investment or a noncash injection into a solution that is focused on solving at least one or several of equal specific people’s pain points is important,” Jasiel said during the discussion. He went on to discuss the significant aspects that require attention stating, “I think what is more important is the actual outcomes.”

The session also included Nzube Ufodike, an entrepreneur, angel investor, and investment director with over twenty years of expertise. He spoke on the importance of integrating the UN’s SDGs into the real world of impact investing. In the UK and emerging markets, he is a board member. He is also the co-producer and host of the upcoming TV show Slay Storiez. He is the Founding Chair of the EMBRACE SIG at the British Computer Society, Chartered Institute for IT, and the previous Vice-Chair of the London Central Branch. During the session, he said, "It does depend on keeping to one of the UN SDG buckets and a measurable net."

The webinar covered interesting facts about the approach to finance and investor thinking, which proved to be extremely beneficial to the attendees. has scheduled similar seminars for the year 2022. Participants will also learn how to sign up for a free membership on the platform, which will provide them with direct access to investors as well as marketing and promotion opportunities. To get involved and learn more about forthcoming webinars and events, go to's social media platforms (LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter) and website

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