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MailUp presents the 2022 Statistical Observatory and its record-breaking numbers


The new edition of MailUp Statistical Observatory 2022: the state of Email Marketing

Email Marketing reaches its best results with 15 billion messages sent and 99% of delivery rates

Over the last years, digital communication has changed considerably. The Statistical Observatory is useful than ever for understanding what directions to take in an increasingly competitive market”
— Luca Azzali, MailUp co-founder
MILAN, ITALY, May 16, 2022 / -- Mailup is launching the twelfth edition of the Statistical Observatory 2022, which provides the market with a document that helps companies compare their email campaign data with their industry averages, and identify winning digital communication strategies to improve their Email Marketing activities.

MailUp’s usual study on the results of email campaigns is back, showing the data about the emails sent by MailUp’s customer pool in 2021. 15 billion messages sent, more than during the Covid emergency: digital transformation is going faster than ever.

Emails sent by MailUp customers have increased by 1 billion in 2021 compared to the previous survey conducted in 2020. User interaction rates drop slightly, a sign that demonstrates the importance for brands to set their engagement strategies by focusing on the quality of contents and relationship with customers.

The 2022 Statistical Observatory takes into account the emails sent in 2021 from the approximately 10 thousand customer platforms. A volume quantified in just over 15 billion messages, including newsletters, transactional emails and commercial communications, that exceeds 2020 numbers by +8.7%.
The study then focused on key Email Marketing metrics: opens, clicks, and clicks on opens. Unique opens recorded an average rate of 15%, outperforming 2020 by +1.2 percentage points; unique clicks dropped almost imperceptibly (-0.1 pp) compared to 2020; clicks on opens, which is the most reliable metric for calculating users' actual interaction with the brand, recorded an average rate of 9.9% with a performance drop of -1.9 pp compared to last year.

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The analysis represents an overview of the degree of adoption of the email channel by companies and helps to understand how the use of this tool is now consolidated not only in the post-Covid scenario but also in the range of communication and marketing activities adopted by brands. However, the evidence that emerged in this part of the analysis (-0.1 pp on click-through rates and -1.9 pp on click-through open rates) also shows that users, having overcome the phase of hyper-reactivity during the lockdown, which led them to be always connected both for work and during their free time, have become more selective in the degree of curiosity and interaction toward the messages received. With more emails in the inbox, recipients are much more likely to devote their time to those messages that truly capture their interest. This is why it is now more mandatory than ever to invest in the creation of personalized and quality content, and in Marketing Automation tools that allow brands to always be ready to engage in dialogue when the contact is on that channel, expects it and is predisposed to interact.

Massimo Fubini, head of the new combined MailUp+Contactlab unit, said: "In the post-pandemic era, brands must set their engagement strategies by being guided by the quality of the relationship. To make the conversation authentic and valuable, to know when customers are ready to listen to us, when they expect to receive our communications you need to know your customer base. The new combined Mailup+Contactlab unit promotes a data-driven approach to Email Marketing and customer engagement because behavior analysis is the basis for recognizing clusters with common characteristics. So we continue to help customers in tidying up data and using it to extract insights for marketing and business."

This edition of the Statistical Observatory is also celebrating the 20th anniversary of the MailUp Email Marketing platform and to take an initial stock of the results achieved by customers thanks to the technology and tools of the MailUp offering.

In addition to sending volumes, the 2021 delivery rates were analyzed, which reached their highest peak in the history of the Statistical Observatory: a 99% that represents a very important milestone for these 20 years of MailUp.

From the perspective of openings there was a predictable increase in the last months of the year, as a result of the consequences of Apple's Privacy Protection.
To the consequences of the Apple update, the Statistical Observatory 2022 devoted a broader focus, accompanied by the other two usual insights into the performance of the 50 product sectors of the MailUp customer base and the performance of the e-commerce sector.

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