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Rev. Evans of NBCI Sends a Letter to the Russian Orthodox Church and to the Vatican to Help Free Brittney Griner

Rev. Anthony Evans, President of NBCI

WASHINGTON, DISTRICT OF COLUMBIA, UNITED STATES, May 14, 2022 / -- Washington DC – The National Black Church Initiative (NBCI), a coalition of 150,000 African American and Latino churches representing 27.7 million members sends a letter to the Russian Orthodox Church and to the Vatican to help free Brittney Griner. NBCI is determined to use the full force of 150,000 Black churches to get her back home.

An African American female, Ms. Brittney Griner, is being detained within Russia. The Russian government is alleging they found vaping cartridges that contained oil from cannabis in her luggage at an airport near Moscow. Since February 2022, Ms. Griner has continued to remain in the custody of Russia with no end of her release in sight. To that end, NBCI has reached out to the Head of the Russian Orthodox Church to offer support for the release of Ms. Griner. Friends and family of Ms. Griner have reached out to NBCI for assistance toward her safe release.

Rev Evans, President of NBCI said, “Ms. Griner is an innocent pawn in a complicated international chess game in the war between Russia and the West. Ms. Griner is being used as a bargaining chip because of the sanctions imported on Russia the light of war in Ukraine. To that end, normal diplomacy will not work here because of the political and economic anger that exists between the West and Russia. I would submit the only tool to be used on the international stage is the diplomacy of Jesus the Christ’s church to intervene on behalf of this child of God who has become innocent victim in the tangled web of power and control. It is my hope that Russia will graciously pursue the opportunity to support the release of Ms. Brittney Griner which, in return, may help to end the war in accordance with the ethics of Jesus the Christ.”

About the NBCI

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