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Traffic Alert: I-45 Northbound Bridge After Tiki Island in Galveston County

TxDOT recently took the necessary steps to ensure that the I-45 northbound bridge over the BNSF railroad line (north of the Galveston Causeway) was not further impacted by the passing of overweight vehicles until a full assessment of the bridge could be made. As the department implemented some initial remedies and continued to evaluate the situation, the project team was able to identify a solution to improve the bridge’s condition.

This development will allow TxDOT to restore I-45 – which is currently under construction in this area – to a configuration that will provide three mainlanes in each direction (northbound and southbound) north of the Galveston Causeway and allow for the northbound passage of overweight vehicles.

In keeping the existing I-45 northbound mainlane bridge open, TxDOT’s contractor will continue construction on the future I-45 northbound frontage road bridge just north of Tiki Island, which will eventually be used as a temporary I-45 northbound mainlane bridge during construction of the future I-45 northbound mainlane bridge.

We will continue to work to minimize the impacts on the traveling public and the communities along the I-45 corridor. It is our goal to expedite all I-45 projects in Galveston County and have them completed as quickly as possible. These project will improve safety and mobility along the highway by reducing congestion and improving evacuation capacity of the highway during severe weather events.