10-Year-Old USA Youth Speaker Robinson West Got His Start On Stage at Age Three

Robin West and her son Robinson West (age 3) winning his first modeling pageant.

3 year old Robinson West waiting to take the stage at his first competition

Robinson West (age 3) crowned top male his first modeling pageant. He is pictured with the top female of the pageant.

Youth Speaker Robinson West pictured with His Father International Speaker Dr. Ruben West

Dr. Robin West and her son Robinson West as he prepares to take the stage in Nairobi, Kenya

USA Youth Speaker Robinson West is Benefiting from His Early Start at Age 3

Sometimes our children can teach us as well. I have learned to look for something special in every child. Their gifts are often hidden inside and we have to discover or uncover them.”
— Dr. Ruben West
BLOOMINGTON, IL, UNITED STATES, May 13, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Children are born with different abilities, potential and skills. Some are natural, while others are taught. In nurturing these potentials, the guardian or mentor needs to help them develop self-confidence for their future success.

Robinson West is an exceptional ten-year-old youth who is already making a social impact in public speaking by advocating for children and speaking about his leadership principles. Robinson got his footing on the stage at the age of three when his mother saw the gift in him at that early age. She shared her ideas with her husband who was initially skeptical bur agreed to support..

Based on his mother’s vision, at age 3 Robinson participated in a local modeling pageant competition, where he emerged top male. He seemed to be a natural on stage. Dr. Ruben West, was skeptical about his son being in the modeling pageant but he realized his wife was on the something. Dr. West then start training Robinson to speak, working with him on quotes from well-known people.

Dr. West decided to expand his efforts and exposed Robinson to some of his live speaker training platforms. The responses from the audience were tremendous and very encouraging. As a participant in the modeling pageants and speaker trainings, Robinson’s exposure on the stage helped him develop courage and self-confidence.

Robinson’s parents have been able to strategically nature and guide him to develop his courage, confidence, and compassion towards others. Most outstandingly, he has been able to publish his first book with the help of his mother.

Robinson loves having a good time and hanging out with friends. He believes in progressive self-improvement, and when asked what he loved doing during his free time, he said spending time with his mother, talking to his father online (as he helps to launch a project in Kenya) and playing. After his school hours, he dedicates his time to completing his homework and additional studies. When he’s not on traveling with his parents, Robinson keeps himself busy playing video games and messaging with his friends. He also enjoys being at school, at a party, or anywhere he can interact socially. His father calls him a social bumblebee. He attends Northpoint Elementary School in Bloomington, Illinois - USA.

Here are three tips to help your child develop self-confidence.

Be A Role Model Yourself
Your child will always watch what you do. They will always pick some hints on your social interactions, tasks and what keeps you going. It is said that children learn fast from what they see their parents do. Their brains grasp and store things much faster than that of an adult. Therefore, as a parent, learn to manage your emotions and frustrations, knowing that you will always be their “go-to” person. Try and model confidence and persistence in yourself. Learn new things, appreciate yourself, and audibly celebrate your wins and victories. Your child will learn from it.

Set Them Up for Success
Bring up healthy tasks and challenges to your child once in a while. This will help them develop and strengthen their mind and boost their self-esteem and confidence. Ensure that the tests are neutral and have opportunities where they can harvest success. You can also join them in those tasks and activities. It will make them feel confident and comfortable to do them in your presence, do the tasks without you and even pick up bigger challenges.

Encourage Them to Fully Pursue Their Interests.
Don’t force things in your child’s throat. Your interests might be different from theirs. Take time and learn your child. Identify their strengths and weaknesses and find out what they love doing most in private and public. Once you have this, ensure that you encourage them to follow their interests to the fullest. Be present with your child. Celebrate their wins and encourage them to do better when they get an undesired result. Your child should always be celebrated forgiving their best effort and working to their maximum potential regardless of the outcome. This will encourage them to take on new challenges. The bottom line is to encourage your children to stick to what they love right from the start, so they feel that hit of triumph at the end.

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Robinson West reviewing his quotes with his father