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ETS Consulting Reimagines Recruitment With Strategic Subject Matter Experts

PHILIPPINES, June 10, 2022 / -- Whether a company is hiring in volume or just looking for select subject matter experts in niche roles, there will always be a risk of getting a talent mismatch. This, a veteran recruiter stressed, could lead to a cycle of “hire and fire” situation that could delay progress and set the company back financially.

“It happens. Someone you hire may not really fit into your company culture, or that person might not be the expert you thought him to be. If you need to repeat sourcing, you hire and fire, again and again. You end up spending more,” explained Jenn Alba, who’s been in the recruitment industry for 18 years.

“Finding a recruitment partner that understands your business is crucial. Hiring is not just posting a job ad on social media, it requires a lot of study and research before starting a campaign to make sure you hire the right person for the job,” she added.

Jenn knows her way in the industry, being the co-founder and Managing Director of ETS Consulting, a Philippine-based company of expert talent consultants who specialise in connecting businesses from any industry with the best talent from anywhere in the world.


“Listening to the client is important to us. Most recruitment firms miss this opportunity, but we value this part of the process. We must know the client’s pain points so we know how to provide the solution. And we take them through the whole recruitment journey,” Jenn explained.

“After that, we go back to the board room and do our homework. From there it’s all research, data pulls, and analytics. We prepare our plan based on this and present it to the client. This is how we, as a partner, provide the solutions to our clients. This is how we gain trust,” she added.

ETS Consulting offers a broad range of services, such as staffing and outsourcing, direct hiring, executive search, and overseas Filipino deployment. It promises simple, no-nonsense strategic solutions to its partners’ recruitment problems.

The company maintains an active pool of talent from almost any industry, including IT, accounting and finance, sales and marketing, recruitment, engineering and construction, legal services, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, education, logistics, e-commerce, and more.


Apart from its strategic approach, what separates ETS Consulting from other recruitment firms is how subject matter experts (SME) lead their clients’ recruitment campaigns. SMEs are industry experts with no less than 8 years of experience in specific skills vertical and industry.

“Subject matter experts would understand the clients’ needs in a way no junior recruiter would. With their experience, subject matter experts would know industry standards and rates. They would also be able to gauge a candidate’s skills thoroughly,” Jenn said.

“For example, if a client is looking for a software developer, many recruiters would just nod on what’s presented to them. Subject matter experts, however, would ask for the programming language. They would know what to put in the job description, and where to find the talent,” she added.


ETS Consulting also offers Recruitment Process Outsourcing (RPO) services, looking to partner with clients who may need to outsource the whole or parts of their recruitment process to save time and money, without sacrificing the quality of talent.

The recruitment process usually includes sourcing and administration, talent mapping, scheduling interviews, and making the job offer, reporting, and continuous improvement. With ETS Consulting, clients may opt to outsource the whole process or parts of it.

The company is also open for project-based RPO services that will help clients from anywhere across the globe boost their staff resource and quickly mount seasonal, event-based, high-volume recruitment campaigns.

“The advantage of our RPO is that we have a governance team, accountable in the overall result of the campaign. Clients don’t have to worry about the execution. We will give you the expected results as agreed in the contract,” Jenn explained.

“We estimate some 40% of cost-savings for our RPO services. And aside from that, our SMEs will make sure you will get quality talent – hires that will not only be a part of your company, but can also take leadership roles in the future,” she added.


ETS Consulting has expanded across Southeast Asia, operating in Vietnam, Malaysia, Sri Lanka, and Singapore to broaden its reach for talent. Jenn said these are the leading complimentary countries that can provide talent to support the Philippines.

“This will certainly help the business continuity of our clients. If our clients across the globe want to access to the highest quality of talent across Southeast Asia, having a partner these countries, will help them in their pursuits,” Jenn said.

This article originally appeared in Emapta Talent Consultants Reimagines Recruitment With Strategic Subject Matter Experts

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