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Opportunity for media, news, or travel industry to dominate digital media in the 2 most wealthiest, populated and controversial countries/regions in the world.

We are no stranger to brokering incredible Cities, such as,, and many others, but never before have we seen an opportunity on such a massive scale as this.”
— Fred Mercaldo, CEO Geocentric Media
SCOTTSDALE, ARIZONA, UNITED STATES, May 10, 2022 / -- Geocentric Media, Inc is pleased to announce the exclusive brokerage of not only the wealthiest country in the world with, but also “The Cradle Of Civilization” with, home to 400M+++ residents, with travel and tourism annual financial impact at over $80B, but also a political, religious and cultural hotbed with a very passionate population. With proper development, it is easy to imagine both of these digital brands attracting monthly visitors in the tens of millions. With 331 million residents, it is the third most populous country in the world, however it is the wealthiest country in the world. Its economy accounts for over 25% of the global GDP (global domestic product).

Travel and Tourism alone account for over $1.1 trillion each year. Domestic trips total 2.29B per year; international trips are 93M annually, and international inbound tourism currently is over 79M tourists per year. News and politics play a major role in the United States, and as the world transitions to digital every day, political advertising spending on digital platforms reached over $2.8B in 2020 alone. News and just about every form of research and searches for events, businesses, real estate, hotels, sports, investing and more are now are 98%+++ done via smartphones, laptops and digital devices as newspapers and other traditional research sources are disappearing. And with the emergence of the “fake news” realities of the past decade, digital brands and websites with the most credible names are poised to become the most trusted sites, and the credibility of is at the top of the list when considering trust and credibility. One of the most important and massive geographical regions in the world. Home to Egypt, Israel, Saudi Arabia, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Lebanon, Kuwait, Dubai, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Oman, Palestine, Cypress, Bahrain and more, offers a massive opportunity for the right Buyer to develop a digital portal and cover all of the relevant information in this important region. The region includes both wealthy nations (Qatar, United Arab Emirates, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain) and all the travel and tourism, real estate and associated luxury opportunities, but also some of the poorest nations (Somalia, Yemen, Syria, Comoros, Sudan) where quality reporting and introduction of digital information is vital for these countries to rebuild and improve.

One thing is for sure… represents a passionate base of nations and population that would ensure that the residents and their traffic numbers would massively support a legitimate digital network that provides quality and positive content in their region.

Geocentric Media CEO Fred Mercaldo states, “We are no stranger to brokering incredible Cities, such as,, and many others, but never before have we seen an opportunity on such a massive scale as this. and, whether acquired as a package or individually, offer the Buyer an unprecedented opportunity to dominate the digital space in these 2 massive countries/regions.

Whether the content is news, travel and tourism, real estate, political commentary, current events or other, it is a “must acquire” acquisition for an organization serious about having a significant overnight presence in the United States and the Middle that will last for generations to come”

With digital brands selling at all-time highs ( at $30M), this package is a bargain and can be acquired at $2,000,000; and we would consider selling each brand separately. Mercaldo also states, “In addition to traditional news and travel and political potential, we haven’t even begun to discuss the Web 3.0 and virtual real estate and virtual land possibilities that both of these names possess. With over $500,000,000 in recent virtual land sales, these opportunities and values that both names bring to the table cannot be overlooked.”

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Geocentric Media
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