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Ron Jones, Army Veteran, Retired Commander Runs for Governor of California in 2022 after 34 years in Public Service

Ron Jones for CA Governor 2022

ANAHEIM, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 9, 2022 / -- Ron Jones is a vivid proof of his dedication to California and America. He is determined to propel the state towards progress and prosperity by running to be the next Governor of California in 2022.

“As Governor, I will work to bring business and freedoms back to our state. I support small and family-owned businesses and will work to bring large job and revenue generating businesses back to California. I support freedom: freedom of parents to raise their children, freedom to make our own medical decisions, and freedom to live our lives without government overreach.

“With our eyes on tomorrow we will build a bright and sustainable future for our children. We will do this by placing our hands firmly on today’s problems and implementing statewide strategies to recover from the personal and economic losses resulting from the outbreak and mandated lockdowns of COVID-19. Together we will address the economy, the environment, education, societal equality, safety and security, our infrastructure and the growing
homelessness rate. My decades of public service have prepared me to move California forward. Join me as we honor Constitutional freedoms and restore our great state to its place as a leader in global economics.”

Ron is a dynamic, seasoned and well-regarded leader who has always had a practical, albeit ambitious, outlook to California’s overall interest and is determined to support its success once elected as governor. He understands the current struggles and is determined to use innovative strategies to revitalize the state and put California back on the map both nationally and globally.

About Ron Jones
Ron Jones has had exceptional public service careers spanning over 34 years. He enlisted in US Army at 18 and became a military police officer, he was later accepted into flight school and became an officer and helicopter pilot flying OH-58, UH-1, and UH-60 Blackhawk helicopters. He served the remainder of his 11-year military career flying missions in various parts of the world.

After his military service, Ron joined the California Highway Patrol where he worked for the next 23 years until retiring as a Commander. His experience allowed him to gain in-depth knowledge about public safety and welfare, security, community relations, and emergency planning. "As a result of my extensive military and law enforcement experience, I understand the perspectives of those who are governed, those who govern, and the laws they govern by," said Jones.

His public service careers and subsequent role in the private sector as a security and management consultant has given Ron an extensive range of invaluable experiences and connections that will further serve the people of California. He is knowledgeable about matters relating to emergency
response, risk management, business continuity, organizational and change management, budgetary planning and oversight, and community relations.

Ron Jones’ Promise
Ron Jones has always believed in the significance of freedom of choice, and he wants to extend this freedom to all Californians. He fully supports people's agency over their medical decisions, life choices, and safety and stands for policies that promote such freedoms. Ron is a pro-life candidate who is not opposed to necessitated medical procedures but does not support an industry that profits and exploits disadvantaged mothers and their unborn child.

He is also aware of the social and economic challenges of COVID-19. His goal is to introduce economic policies favoring small and medium businesses to create empowerment in local communities and reduce homelessness.

Lastly, Ron understands the role education plays in furthering social prosperity. He wishes to introduce educational reforms and curriculum changes to enhance children's critical thinking skills and discourage agenda-based indoctrination.

California is a state with vast economic and social potential, and it can realize that potential under Ron's leadership. With your vote on Primary Election Day, June 7, 2022, he can continue making progress towards this resolve by restoring our struggling communities so we may thrive once again as one strong state and nation under God.

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