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The Most Unique Supply Path

New Exchange to Be Called HVAX™ Launches Today

We believe our substantial investment to create HVAX™, which enables transactions with ONLY highly viewable ad impressions, will deliver on the promise to benefit both buyers and sellers.”
— Andy Batkin, CEO - Duration Media
NEW YORK, NY, USA, May 16, 2022 / -- Duration Media, a global ad tech software company focused on transacting with ONLY highly viewable ad impressions, announced today the official formation of the Duration Media Highly Viewable Ad Exchange (HVAX™).

Andy Batkin, Duration Media’s CEO had this to say, “When we launched Duration Media in the Spring of 2019 we had three primary goals in mind. The first was to reward premium publishers for the quality of their content and the engagement of their readers. Now, using our patented ad tech, over 400 premium publisher domains are increasing their highly viewable ad inventory by an average of 53.2% and generating millions of dollars of incremental income. The second was to provide to buyers an assurance that the impressions they purchased would be viewable (currently averaging 82.3% viewability) and brand-safe within fraud free editorial environments. The third, perhaps even more ambitious goal, was to transform the overall dynamics of digital advertising from complex and fraught with uncertainty for both buyers and sellers into a fully transparent and reliable environment in which to transact business. We believe our substantial investment to create HVAX™, which enables transactions with ONLY highly viewable ad impressions, will deliver on the promise to benefit both buyers and sellers.”

Duration Media’s patented technology has been changing the game for digital advertising since its highly viewable product launch in 2019. Today’s announcement of HVAX™ promises to revolutionize the programmatic ecosystem. Transacting on high performing viewable advertising on premium websites has traditionally been a time consuming, hit or miss process. Marketers relying on existing predictive technologies have been forced into a “now you see it, now you don’t” paradigm. Inventory that was viewable last week or last month isn’t necessarily viewable when your programmatic bid is submitted today.

HVAX™ repairs and resolves this problem with an innovative technology infrastructure that GUARANTEES every ad impression available in the exchange will be highly viewable, in real-time, when the bid is submitted. By de-commoditizing inventory for buyers, Duration Media has created a unique supply path to the highest quality, highest performing impressions in the industry. The formation of HVAX™ will enable DSPs to connect directly to these coveted ad impressions. Publishers have the option of deploying Duration’s patented VaaS™ (Viewability-As-A Service™) technology to identify a consistent and reliable incremental supply of highly viewable impressions or to use the HVAX™ to monetize highly viewable impressions created by other third-parties or their own internal solutions.

This simple analogy may help explain just how transformative the Duration Media Highly Viewable Marketplace™ will be for all stakeholders: We’ve all been driving automobiles since we got our driver’s licenses. These cars came in all shapes and sizes. Essentially however they’ve all relied upon the same 19th century internal combustion engine technology. The success and consumer acceptance of Tesla has proven that there is a more innovative, efficient and sustainable option. So too, through innovation and patented ad technology, Duration Media has taken a great leap forward for advertisers and publishers with the launch of HVAX™.

More Info on Duration Media

Duration Media is a leading global ad tech software company with a suite of products that leverage the company’s innovative and unique supply path that offers brand safe, viewable premium ad inventory from 400+ publisher domains.

Our VaaS™ - Viewability as a Service™ technology provides web publishers with a world-class solution, enabling them to increase their digital ad inventory and revenue by 20-50%, while at the same time proving to advertisers that their ads have been delivered in fraud-free brand safe environments, and are achieving viewability of 85+% with engaged users.

Duration Media has a global presence in New York, Philadelphia, London, Miami, Los Angeles & Scottsdale, AZ and solid funding from experienced digital media investors. With relationships with major demand partners, Duration Media, is the Leader in providing ONLY Highly Viewable Ad Inventory to the benefit of both Buyers AND Sellers.

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