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Renu Therapy Releases New Product, the Japanese Hot Soak

/EIN News/ -- Santa Ana, May 05, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Santa Ana, California -

A cold plunge tank manufacturer based in Santa Ana, CA, is happy to announce that they have recently released a new product, which is the Japanese Hot Soak. This hot soak product is the same build as their cold plunge products but instead of being cold, it is hot with temperature rising to as high as 104 degrees Fahrenheit or 40 degrees Celsius. This hot soak product can be used with a cold plunge tank to make use of contrast therapy, which involves alternating hot and cold baths several times as a way to help improve blood circulation throughout the body. It has also been found to decrease fatigue, reduce muscle soreness, reduce swelling, and eliminate excess lactic acid.

For the Japanese, soaking themselves in hot water is a tradition. Japan has over 27,000 hot springs or onsen, which led to a one-of-a-kind bathing culture that includes hot spring therapy. For the Japanese, taking a bath is made up of two steps. First, they sit on a small stool on a waterproof floor fitted with a drain in the middle. They will scoop water from the tub and pour it onto their bodies, washing their hair and skin thoroughly with soap, and then rinsing with more water from the tub. Afterwards, they will then get into a tub filled with very hot water. This is not intended to wash the body but to raise its temperature in order to relax the muscles and to cleanse the mind and soul, spiritually.

Soaking the body in hot water has several benefits. First, the sympathetic nerve will become predominant with blood pressure, heart rate, and blood sugar level increasing. Next, in order to correct this situation, the parasympathetic nerve will become predominant and will cause the heart rate, blood pressure, and blood sugar level to go down. The sympathetic nerve and parasympathetic nerve will alternate in being predominant until an equilibrium is reached, allowing the body to heal itself.

The Renu Therapy cold plunge tank products are for cold water immersion therapy. There are a number of studies that show cold water can boost the body’s ability to fight off muscle damage and illnesses. This is due to the ability of very cold water temperatures to stimulate the body’s production of white blood cells (WBC), which are the leukocytes that fight off sickness. The rise in WBC production may be due to the optimized lymphatic function or faster metabolism but this is still uncertain. Some believe that the cold water temperatures increase the body’s metabolic rate, thus speeding up the immune response. On the other hand, there are oterhs who believe that the cold water causes the lymphatic vessels to contract, which forces the lymphatic system to pump the lymph fluids throughout the body more efficiently, which flushes out toxins more effectively, which is then followed by WBCs attacking unwanted substances in the lymphatic system.

It is advised to contact a healthcare professional first before trying cold water immersion therapy. Cold water immersion has four stages, and is important to know to avoid the negative and potentially fatal effects. The four stages are: cold shock responses such as shortness of breath and shivering; swimming failure because of incapacitation of limb function; hypothermia; and bodily system failure. It is also advisable to have someone around when undergoing cold water immersion to help monitor one’s body temperature and blood pressure. This is to avoid accidentally becoming hypothermic or suffering from cardiac arrest due to cold stress.

Those who are interested in learning more about the Japanese Hot Soak, the cold plunge tanks, and other products can check out the Renu Therapy website, or contact them by phone or email.


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