Author Rana Boulos Launches Website Dedicated to her ‘Nature Speaks Series’ Children’s Books

Currently, there are four books in the ‘Nature Speaks Series’ that help little ones appreciate nature and the world around them.

ABU-DHABI, UNITED ARAB EMIRATES, May 3, 2022 / -- Author Rana Boulos is pleased to announce the launch of her website that showcases her popular Nature Speaks Series children’s books.

Rana Boulos is a children’s book author who has pursued several educational roles, such as teaching English as a second language, teaching the fifth grade at an international school in the United Arab Emirates, and opening and acting as the Managing Director for Blooming Buds Nursery before pursuing her current role. As an author, Rana’s mission is to empower, educate, and spark the curiosity of young children through reading picture books, particularly in the areas of science and nature.

In her most recent news, Rana has launched her very own website to highlight her children’s book series, Nature Speaks Series. As a former educator and someone who has dedicated her life to educating and enriching the lives of children, Rana began her Nature Speaks Series in hopes of teaching science topics found in the school curriculum in a fun, accessible, and engaging way. The goal of the series is to simplify abstract concepts such as natural disasters and events to improve children's learning outcomes and reinforce their knowledge of topics taught in the younger grades. Additionally, the four books serve as an extension of the curriculum and a supplement to what is taught in the classroom.

“Studies show that spending time in nature is associated with less stress, better mood, and better concentration,” Rana says. “I invite schools, children, parents, and guardians to read my Nature Speaks Series to help little ones appreciate nature and the world around them. These children's books make earth science accessible to little ones and help them understand concepts like the water cycle and natural disasters.”

While all books in the Nature Speaks Series contain facts about acts of nature, each individual book contains underlying and entertaining messages delivered through a realistic fiction genre where the book characters are personalized and help children to learn. For example, in Pearl the Raindrop: The Great Water Cycle Journey, which is book 1 of the Nature Speaks Series, important underlying messages are found inside its pages such as:

1. The importance friendship to help one another out.
2. Not to fear change and to enjoy life’s journey.

And, in Spencer The Spark: Not All Wildfires Are Bad!, the latest publication of the Nature Speaks Series, the following messages are found:

1. We need one another to survive.
2. Not to be influenced by stereotypes of what is good or bad.

To help schools further engage students in her books’ messages and teachings, Rana is also available to visit schools for book readings and presentations in the United Arab Emirates (in-person) and globally (virtual).

All books in the Nature Speaks Series are available for purchase locally in the United Arab Emirates and globally on Amazon Marketplaces.

For more information about Rana Boulos, or to view her books in the Nature Speaks Series, please visit

About Rana Boulos

Rana Boulos is a Lebanese/Canadian children’s author who has been residing in the United Arab Emirates for 22 years. Rana boasts multiple degrees in Education and Modern Languages from the esteemed McGill University in Montreal, Canada.

Rana’s company, Rana Boulos Author Limited, was founded in February 2021 after the pandemic struck and forced Rana to close the doors of her preschool, Blooming Buds Nursery. Her dedication to educate young children continues through her new role as a children’s author.

Rana Boulos