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Transformative Neuro-Reiki™

A proven healing technique which combines the power of neuroscience, energy healing and spirituality to rapidly transform lives.

Knowledge without action is just knowledge. Knowledge with action is transformation... Reconnect to oneself is the fastest and only way to have lifelong transformation.”
— Brenda KISS
HAMMONTON, NJ, UNITED STATES, May 3, 2022 / -- B KISS today announced Transformative Neuro-Reiki™, a new healing technique. Transformative Neuro-Reiki™ is a combined deep understanding of the mind, energy, spirituality, and emotions which offers a new way for women to reconnect to themselves and kiss their struggles goodbye to living a life of happiness and joy.

Features and benefits of Transformative Neuro-Reiki™ include:
• Reprogramming of your mind so that you can create a life you love
• Deep understanding of emotions and how to process them so that you can live feeling happy and joyful
• Reconnection to yourself and higher self which allows you to live life with ease and freedom

Transformative Neuro-Reiki™ is available now. For more information on Transformative Neuro-Reiki™,

About Brenda Kiss of B KISS: She is a Certified NAP and NLP Practitioner and Transformative Neuro-Reiki™ Master - combining a deep understanding of the mind and the power of energy healing to rapidly transform lives.

Brenda had struggled with body image and weight for 25 years. Feeling lost in her life she turned to food and other people’s problems to help her deal with or avoid her own. Most days she struggled with internal battles over everything, but pretended and appeared to be happy. She lived in the world of "Shoulds.” Often asked herself “should I eat this or that, should I sleep or stay awake, should I exercise or not, should I work or be a stay-at-home mom, and the list goes on from there.

After a major transformation almost a decade ago, Brenda’s life improved in all areas: health, wealth, spirituality, relationships, and financially. She is truly happy with lots of love and abundance in her life. She released 6 dress sizes in less than a year and has been the same size since.

Brenda realized living with your inner wisdom and strength enables you to live in true happiness, love, and abundance. Brenda is so passionate about helping others realize their truth. She developed a proven step-by-step transformational program, “Fear to Freedom”, to help those that are struggling with being lost in their own body, self-image, weight or wanting to find their inner peace and love.

She studied at the NAP Coaching Academy, a one-year certification process that focuses on bringing together cutting edge neuroscience, human psychology, therapy, intuitive listening, results-focused coaching with proven skills and techniques to update the operating system and eliminate programs that no longer serve you, which allows you to install new upgrades that create optimum performance.

Brenda Kiss
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