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Troop F Weekly Report 04-25 to 05-01-22

Incident Type:         oas

Date:                          4/26/2022

Town:                        Littleton

Trooper:                   CPL. QUINT

Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Quint was conducting traffic enforcement in Littleton and observed a vehicle with a defective exhaust.  A traffic stop was initiated and after an investigation it was discovered the driver had a suspended driver’s license for not paying fines/costs and had a previous OAS charge.  The man was issued a criminal summons for the violation and arranged to have a licensed driver come get him and his vehicle.


Incident Type:         operating without license

Date:                          4/23/2022

Town:                        woodland

Trooper:                   TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Roy was conducting traffic enforcement in Woodland and observed a vehicle speeding.  Tr. Roy initiated a traffic stop and after investigating it was determined the driver had a suspended driver’s license in a different state.  The man stated he was on a payment plan to get his license reinstated and was aware it was currently suspended.  Tr. Roy issued the man a criminal summons for operating without a license and helped him arrange to have a licensed driver come get him and his vehicle.


Incident Type:         traffic offense

Date:                          4/28/2022

Town:                        saint agatha

Trooper:                   TR. ROY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Roy investigated an incident of a vehicle passing a stopped school bus, with its lights flashing, more than once.  The bus had video footage of the incident, which occurred on school grounds, and the principal was able to identify the passengers.  The registered owner was located and stated she thought she could pass since the vehicle was not on the roadway.  Tr. Roy educated the driver and issued a criminal summons for the violation.



Incident Type:         speaking engagement

Date:                          4/28/2022

Town:                        houlton

Trooper:                   TR. CASTONGUAY

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Castonguay spoke to a group of students enrolled in a law enforcement class taught by Retired Trooper David Socoby.  Tr. Castonguay spoke about the technology used, criteria to become a Trooper, and other topic as well as answering a variety of questions.


Incident Type:         Citizen Request

Date:                          4/25/2022

Town:                        Ludlow

Trooper:                   Tr. Cotton

Brief Synopsis:       An elderly Ludlow woman called to report she thought someone had vandalized the tires on her garden tractor utility trailer. Tr. Cotton responded to the scene and determined that the tires had lost air over the previous winter and once she had put some debris in the trailer, the bead on both tires had become unseated and began to roll off the rims. The elderly woman had no way of getting the tire’s fixed and needed her trailer for spring cleanup. With the elderly woman’s permission, Tr. Cotton gathered some tools and was able to set the bead and inflate both trailer tires.


Incident Type:         FTO Training

Date:                          4/27/2022

Town:                        Portland

Trooper:                   TR. Cotton, Tr. Martin

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton and Tr. Martin attended a 3-day FTO training at the Portland Police Department.


Incident Type:         Warrant Arrest

Date:                          4/25/2022

Town:                        Houlton

Trooper:                   Tr. Barnard

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Barnard responded to the Houlton Port of Entry after they called the Houlton RCC reporting they had a local man in custody with three active warrants. Tr. Barnard arrested the man and transported him to ACJ.


Incident Type:         ACCIDENT- PI

Date:                          4/25/2022

Town:                        Littleton

Trooper:                   TR. Cotton

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Cotton and Tr. Barnard responded to a PI crash on Route 1 in Littleton. Tr. Cotton determined that a man driving a utility van had become distracted from his morning coffee and rear ended a sedan that was getting ready to make a left turn onto a side road. The operator of the sedan that was rear ended stated that he had some minor pain but refused to go to the hospital. The impact of the crash caused the operator of the sedan to lose one of his shoes and it broke the driver’s seat. Tr. Cotton issued the driver of the van a VSAC for failing to maintain control of a motor vehicle. Both vehicles were towed from the scene.


Incident Type:         Theft

Date:                          4/26/2022

Town:                        Cross Lake

Trooper:                   Cpl. Casavant

Brief Synopsis:       Cpl. Casavant began investigating the theft of a shotgun from a camp.  The camp owner noticed the shotgun missing about a month ago and said he heard there were numerous camps broken into last fall.  The case remains under investigation. 


Incident Type:         Firearms Instruction

Date:                          4/28-29/2022

Town:                        Augusta

Trooper:                   Sgt. Haines

Brief Synopsis:       Sgt. Haines assisted with firearms instruction for spring requals at the Augusta Range.  

Incident Type:         Burglary

Date:                          4/30/2022

Town:                        Allagash

Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon began investigating a burglary of a seasonal residence in Allagash.  The incident was discovered by a caretaker and between he and the owner the discovered a generator was missing.  Tr. Martin and Mahon processed the scene and collected evidence.  A suspect has been developed and the case remains under investigation. 


Incident Type:         Theft  

Date:                          4/30/2022

Town:                        BaNcroft Twp

Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier and Tr. Rider responded to a residence under construction in Bancroft when a neighbor reported there were multiple vehicles there stealing building materials.  No one was at the property when Troopers arrived.  Tr. Saucier is working with the owner and the case remains under investigation.     


Incident Type:         Trespassing

Date:                          4/30/2022

Town:                        Bancroft TWP

Trooper:                   Tr. Saucier

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Saucier took a report from a New Hampshire resident complaining that his camp neighbor in Bancroft parked a trailer on his property and he wants it removed.  Tr. Saucier is working on contacting the owner of the trailer.         


Incident Type:         Harassment

Date:                          5/01/2022

Town:                        Westfield

Trooper:                   Tr. Mahon

Brief Synopsis:       Tr. Mahon and Tr. Martin dealt with a heated landlord and tenant issue in Westfield.  The property owner went back after the initial advisement to handle it through the eviction process in court.  This caused a second call from the tenant forcing Troopers to return.  The male and female property owners were issued harassment and trespass warnings by Sgt. Haines.