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New Jersey Congressional Incumbent in 2nd District Not a True Constitutional Conservative

Pignatelli Shows Support For Law Enforcement

Van Drew Campaign Called Out by Voters. Pignatelli Campaign Increases Popularity.

VINELAND, NJ, US, April 27, 2022 / -- With a little over a month to go until the primary election in NJ’s Congressional District 2, and mail-in ballots ready to be received soon, voters are talking about the Republican candidates.

Van Drew is not a Constitutional Conservative, like he claims to be and lost my vote this year,” says David Abrams, a local truck driver, of Cumberland County.

“We gave Jeff Van Drew a chance to show us he could be a good Republican after switching from the Democrat party, but he betrayed us voters,” Cindy Bates, a nurse at a local Ocean County hospital, insists.

“He hasn’t done anything for us. He only continues to talk about his love for Trump, but actions speak louder than words. And his actions show the opposite,” high school teacher Kevin Connolly of Atlantic County says about incumbent Van Drew.

Van Drew continues to remain popular in his District, however it is not the type of popularity he would hope for. Most voters have stated when he voted for the Biden infrastructure bill that was the turning point and they were then able to see through all of deceitful Van Drew.

One, up and coming candidate, Sean Pignatelli, has Van Drew’s campaign shaking and wishing they would have invested more money into their campaign. Pignatelli has gone back to traditional campaigning. He has shown up at local farms, police stations, schools and more. With a campaign that backs Veterans, Police Funding, Pro-life agendas, and securing 2nd Amendment Rights, has more and more voters changing their votes.

“This is the candidate we need here and we need more elected officials like Pignatelli that will continue to fight for parents, children, and public freedoms for everyone, everyday,” says Emily Hurtz of Gloucester City.

“I would be surprised to see Pignatelli win. But he is the best man for the job and that would be the best thing for our District,” asserted Bob Hughes, a small business owner, of Cumberland County.

Peter Fury, owner of Pete’s Carpentry, of Buena Vista firmly stated “Sean Pignatelli is the true Constitutional Conservative in this election, and Van Drew has pissed many people off in our district by voting for that infrastructure bill!”

This primary election has already had worldwide coverage since Pignatelli announced his candidacy. Italian magazine “Primo” endorsed Pignatelli very quickly and the nation of Italy had interviewed both Pignatelli and his campaign frequently. Daily Director, Gianni Beraldo, of Varesse Press, a large Italian Media Company states, “Italian Politicians have continued to phone me asking for more information on the matter of Mr. Pignatelli and his campaign.” Gianni had written an article that continues to bring in phone calls from all around her country of Italy.

It’s hard to believe there is so much interest in a single congressional primary election and this will be an election for the history books.

Erik Stewart
Independent Journalist
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