Arizona Garage Door Guru Announces Personalized Services For Broken Garage Door Spring Replacement

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Expert Garage Door Repair in Phoenix

Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

Market Leader Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru

Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner - James Lanham

Arizona Garage Door Guru Owner - James Lanham

The leading garage door repair company announced that it will now be providing personalized garage door services.

I am a proud business owner who took up the daunting task of learning how to create my own websites and web footprint in city #5 of our large nation. When you hire my company you hire real solutions.”
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PHOENIX, ARIZONA, USA, April 26, 2022 / -- Torsion and extension spring failure are the most common problems with most garage doors. Though the springs are built to be robust, they are also under a tremendous amount of load from a garage door weighing several hundred pounds at least. Not replacing the springs in time leads to eventual failure. That’s why broken garage door spring replacement is so important. Fortunately, companies like Arizona Garage Door Repair can handle it.

Many people often ask why their garage door spring broke? Also, why replace all the springs or the whole set if only one broke. According to the experts at Arizona Garage Door, replacing a single spring is inefficient because all the other springs may be equally worn but didn’t break. Replacing the whole set means that the odds of another spring breaking are zero! However, technicians generally agree that it is best to take a more personalized approach to repairing garage doors at times.

Arizona Garage Door Repair Guru, for instance, approaches repairs based on what the customer can afford. If a client is in a financial twist, then a single broken garage door spring replacement may help remedy the situation for the time being.

“If you are looking for a garage door repair near me because you are facing chronic problems with your spring, it requires further investigation.” Said a technician at Arizona Garage Door Repair.

There are a few reasons why garage door springs break. Most of the time, the springs are wrapped tightly, and they unwind in a matter of seconds. When the springs break, they make a loud *BANG* sound, which is a cause for alarm. However, as it turns out, it isn’t an intruder but the sonic boom of the garage door spring breaking!

One of the most common reasons for spring failure is rust. If the spring is made from low-grade metal, rust will build up and make it ineffective. When rust forms, the springs will not work correctly and may break. Using a lube. The lubricant creates a barrier around the springs allowing them to operate more smoothly. Most garage door springs should last for at least 10,000 cycles before they need to be replaced.

The cold weather can make the springs more brittle and prone to breaking. People who have a garage that is open and closed all the time need to hire professionals like AZ Garage Door Repair to do an annual inspection and undertake mandatory repairs. That way, homeowners will have a garage door that operates reliably.

A broken spring can be repaired or replaced by a garage door expert. However, homeowners shouldn’t attempt to replace the garage door spring mainly because it isn’t a one-person job and secondly because it is dangerous. One wrong move can be fatal.

Readers can learn more about Arizona Garage Door Guru’s Garage door spring replacement service by visiting

“At Arizona Garage Door Guru, we continue to provide a customized service to homeowners based on what they need. Whether you need a broken spring replaced or require the services of a garage door technician within the hour, we are here to help. In addition, the approach we take to repairing garage doors differs based on what is convenient for our clients. We know from experience that everyone can’t afford to replace their chronically failing garage door opener, so we then offer them an alternative, pocket-friendly solution.” Said one of the technicians working for Arizona Garage Door Repair.

He added, “If you think your garage door has a broken spring, do not attempt to operate it. Instead, call us right away. Our team comes fully equipped to replace it. Furthermore, if you are looking for professional garage door repair near me, please call us today.”

Experts believe that the length of time a garage door’s spring lasts depends on how it was designed. If the garage door has a single torsion spring, it will fail sooner than one with two or four springs. That’s why people are advised to buy more expensive garage doors with multiple springs so that it lasts longer.

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