SocialBox.Biz, a Community Interest Company is currently increasing their collection of old, usable technology

Red Cross donation

Red Cross donation

SocialBox.Biz Is Increasing Their Collection of Old, Usable Technology to Help Refugees and People Who Have Experienced Homelessness

With the recent increase in refugees coming to the UK, the organization needs more tech collections than ever before. By donating old, usable technology to SocialBox.Biz long standing-initiative on an ongoing basis, businesses and organisations can help supply these less fortunate communities with laptops to help them reintegrate into society. Having a laptop can help refugees search for jobs, get in touch with loved ones and perform essential activities.
From his own experience, the founder of SocialBox.Biz knows what kind of an impact a used laptop donation can have on a person in need. “Having a used laptop donated to me helped me immensely when I was a child refugee coming to London. Providing technology to people in need can help improve society as a whole. One can not do much without a computer these days in London.” said Peter Paduh, founder and chairman of SocialBox.Biz. “Many recipients have greatly benefited from our donations. Our donated laptops have provided access to opportunities and learning tools to several clients through our recent partnerships.”

SocialBox.Biz has recently partnered with Migrant Help, a charity who supports people affected by displacement and exploitation, helping them thrive as individuals and recover from their trauma. Reused laptops provide a crucial lifeline for those they support enabling access to vital services, online learning, language skills, aiding integration and making them feel safe and secure.
The organization is now working hard to increase their collection of usable technology donations and calling for the help of business heroes to help supply the refugees the UK is seeing after recent events. With the help of the local community and businesses, SocialBox.Biz is collecting technology tools that are no longer needed but still usable and helping people in need by supplying them with this still usable technology to allow them to gain access to vital resources. SocialBox.Biz also offers support for training to refugees and to people who have experienced homelessness on basic computer skills, resume-building, and technology-focused job skills.

The British Red Cross also teamed up with SocialBox.Biz to expand the reach of their laptop program. With the help of the British Red Cross, SocialBox.Biz will be able to reach even more youth and refugees who are in desperate need of online access. “It’s never been more important to ensure our young people are able to access online courses and vital resources. We live in a computerized age and our work with SocialBox.Biz ensures we are able to connect these young people to life-saving technology,” stated ember Hibbert, Young Refugee Services Manager at British Red Cross.
“The Passage is dedicated to finding a sustainable route off the streets for those we support. Quite often, supporting our clients into education and employment is a key factor in finding a long-term solution into housing. The laptop donations we received from SocialBox.Biz have helped us to provide greater and more stable training and development opportunities to those starting their career journey. Thank you SocialBox.Biz! Your donations have and will continue to make a big difference to those we support, and in our mission to end street homelessness.” – Claire Matthews, Head of Community Services

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