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2022 Los Angeles Times Festival of Books presents A Dreamer's Wish

Author Relays The Importance of Loving and Respecting Your Parents

He wanted to feel the wind blow through his hair,/ and ride above air currents without any care.”
— Excerpt from A Dreamer's Wish
LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 20, 2022 / -- Author Barbara Magargal has published her book entitled A Dreamer’s Wish. It follows the story of Cody, a young man who ran away from home due to an argument that he had with his parents. A friendly bee offers to switch places with Cody. Thus, he could explore the world. After some unexpected turns, Cody realizes how much he missed his family.

This book is vital to helping children understand that times are not always roses and candy. There are times when they will be upset with parents or siblings and want to be somewhere else or do something else. In their minds, they imagine a better and simpler life, but don’t realize that there are always complications and consequences, and things don’t always turn out the way they wish they would.

“This book helps children see life from a different perspective and to learn the value of all living creatures. When he passes through the foam and becomes himself once again (waking up from his daydream under the willow tree), little Cody knows for sure there is no other place that he would ever want to be than back at home with his family, which is also a great lesson in learning to appreciate what one has.”
— Jonah Meyer, U.S. Review of Books

“An enjoyable book with an excellent and inspiring message. Wise counsel for both children and adults!”
— David Hobson, Amazon Customer Review

Barbara Magargal is a mom, grandmother, and great-grandmother. She works from home as a landscape contractor. She loves plants and children and always wants the best for both of them.

A Dreamer’s Wish
Written by: Barbara Magargal
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