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Robin Gargano Launches L4 Map to Teach Coaches and Athletes on Transforming Pain into Power

Transformational Mindset Coach & Resiliency Strategist

Founder Robin Gargano, creates a methodology for coaches to redevelop the flaws of every athlete

The notion of mental toughness revolves around one’s ability to shut down anxiety, trauma, fear, and personal struggles. Gargano’s L4 Map highlights the role of coaches in improving their athletes”
— Founder, Resiliency Strategist & Coach Robin Gargano
When coaching staff and sports organizations fail to know their athletes personally, unlocking their potential becomes the most complex goal to achieve. Robin Gargano aims to change the narrative on mental toughness through the L4 Map that teaches coaches and athletes on understanding pain. The founder of L4 Livin’ Life Lovin’ Life points out that there is more to an athlete than their physical capabilities. The typical notion of mental toughness revolves around one’s ability to shut down anxiety, trauma, fear, and personal struggles. However, these socially perceived weaknesses should not be hindered or ignored. Instead, succumbing to despair is crucial to balance the mind and unlock the power of each individual.

Suffering is imperative to living. When realized, it leads to the potential of life and talent. When the mind is free to discover the emotions tied to an event, those emotions become power points for the physical body. If left undiscovered and far from transformed, it festers and turns deadly, which manifests into injury and causes damage to the athlete’s well-being. In Gargano’s L4 Map, she highlights the role of coaches in improving their athletes by flexing into particular and individual communication styles, looking inward, and discovering the facets of how the mind works to enable growth towards excellence.

What makes the L4 Map unique to the sports industry:

• This program is based on a four-part assessment process for the coaching staff, athletes, and agents to identify the various pain points, weaknesses, and personality types.
• Training is tailored-fit according to the needs of both staff and athletes. Monitoring is provided throughout a period to evaluate the effectiveness of the program.
• The mind and body are realigned to heighten the performance ability in all aspects.

Major League coaches are taking an interest in and working on the program from within the organization. A team cannot be whole if the player is not whole. The coaching staff cannot be productive if the subconscious clouds the message and training. The L4 Map breaks the stereotype of what mental toughness actually means by raising awareness and imperativeness of vulnerability. When a person can turn weakness into strength, only can power be genuinely harnessed.

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